Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sens Lose, Yet Win

Jason Spezza scores on the Leafs goalie James Remimer in tonight's 3-2 loss
I didn't get to see the game but I saw the box score, a Sens 3-2 loss to the Leafs, which sits just fine with me, as we can't afford to get any more points today, especially with Florida losing as well.

If anyone has any thoughts on the game, especially about Da Costa, I'd love to hear them

Post game thoughts?


Anonymous said...

'cioch was our best defenseman...(take what you want out of that...)

Spezza is skating with scrubs...he can't do EVERYTHING!!

Kuba needs a brain.

DaCosta=Butler. sweet release, solid vision, brutal speed, WEAK as a little girl. no chance he is an NHL centre....switch him to the wing asap.

ZSmith provides further evidence he belongs on this club...despite the terrible penalties. (can i throw out a Demar Derozan comparison? stop complaining about each foul called in the other teams favour because it just makes the officials focus on you! a bad way)

PLEASE! someone kick the shit out of those douche TO fans waving their flags in the middle of play.
..its bad enough they have the nerve to show up in those rags...they booed Spezza every time he touched the puck...must have been because of that hit on of of did he do again?

oh yeah!! just typical toronto crowd who would rather boo someone than cheer their own team....

to each their own, i suppose....

Anonymous said...

agree on everything said. Kuba really needs to be moved next year. Either he is trying to get out of Ottawa, or he should just not play in the NHL.