Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sens Town Meets The King

If you're an OG reader or even a semi new one, you almost certainly know that I have a west coast team. I picked a team awhile ago now, so I had someone to follow later at night and in a different conference, so it wouldn't be a conflict of interest with my first love, the Sens. The LA Kings are that team and they begin their playoff push tomorrow against the San Jose Sharks and Dany Heatley (a reason to cheer for the Kings).

Well with the Sens not in the post season this year, all my attention will be devoted to LA and thanks to a reader, I have a spiffy new logo for use on twitter, a logo that will remain until the Kings are eliminated from the playoffs. It's very clever and suits me perfectly, a hybrid, a combination of the Sens and Kings logo's. I imagine this is what would happen if the 2 made sweet, passionate love for hours. This end result would be their love child.

Thank you very much for this, I appreciate it very much and let's go Kings!

Note: Asshole reader Marshall has pointed out to me that this and other logo's like this are available here, and i was unaware but like i said in the original post, it was sent in to me by a reader and i never claimed to be the artist responsible.


Marshall said...

As usual, you steal someone else's work and pass it off as your own. This hybrid logo, and others like it can be found here:

Nice job slapping a "Sens Town" watermark on it. You are a hack and a thief, and I hope everyone reads this and my other comments so they realize what a hack you are.

The Mayor said...

Hey Marshall,

I never once yet AGAIN claimed it was my own work. It was sent in by a reader AS I WROTE IN THE POST!

I have zero photoshopping skills and i thought it was cool that's all.

I didnt know someone else did it, i assuemd the reader may have but either way i never ever claimed it was made by me, grow up dude