Monday, April 25, 2011

Silfverberg & Rundblad Named To Three Crowns

Two Sens prospects who have never played in the NHL, have been named to Sweden's entry for the upcoming World Championship. That's a pretty impressive feat if you ask me. The expected player named, is of course defenceman David Rundblad, who should be suiting up for Ottawa next season. The surprise addition is forward Jakob Silfverberg, who had a strong season and opened up some eyes to get on the team. The future is looking better and better for the Sens isn't it? You also have to think that Erik Karlsson would have been on the squad had he not been injured late in the season.


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Al - Friezen said...

The future looks Bright for sens fans. Still no idea what to expect from Silfverberg, or if he is even coming next year. Keep up the cool sens posts mayor! Does anybody know what to expect from Silfverberg?