Friday, April 08, 2011

Spezza Named To Team Canada

Jason Spezza playing for Team Canada
Last night in a CBC interview, Jason Spezza said he would love to play for Canada at the 2011 World Championship in Slovakia. Well today his dream is official and Spezza will participate for Team Canada at the World's. The way he is playing at the moment, his inclusion is a no brainer and will help us out a lot. I've been very impressed with Jason lately and this is just adding more to it. Congrats on wearing the Red & White Jason.

Thoughts on Spezza suiting up for Canada?


Anonymous said...

Just don't get injured again.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, he can get some hardware this time around, and shut up all the a-holes who constantly trot out the tired old "he's never won anything, so he can't be our next captain" argument.