Monday, May 16, 2011

20th Anniversary Logo Revealed?

As promised the other day, here is the Senators 20th season anniversary logo that I've been told will be used on all kinds of merchandise and advertisements. One would be lead to believe that this will also be used as a patch on the new heritage jersey, along with the all star game patch.

Although yet to be officially unveiled, I've been told that this is likely to be used but not confirmed. My opinion on it? It's a bit plain and boring, but sometimes simple is better than too busy. All in all, it's a decent effort, but I would have preferred a bit more creativity. I think they played it a bit too safe.

What do you guys think about the new logo to celebrate 20 years in the NHL?


The Grape One said...

I think its decent. The team can stand to do more simple stuff (see also: terrible sleeves on the SNES jersey).
Overall, it’s a waste of an opportunity to use Roman Numerals. They could have rocked the X DOS EQUIS X for the 20. Oh well, at least that heritage logo leaked last week was a fake. It was close to being good. I am managing my expectations for the heritage jersey. Judging by that teaser photo, I think it will be an improvement on the design of the SNES jersey which was…not so hot. Bring back the side profile logo. You don’t know what you’ve got til its gone.

Anonymous said...

yet another big fail from the Senators. Why should we expect anything less.

Anonymous said...

can they ever get anything EVER? Horrible!!

Spencer C said...

There is no way that's real, it looks like it was designed by a high school student in MS Paint in 1996.

On second thought that would be par for the course for this organization.

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Blue Rocks said...

I don't mind it. Would have liked to see the numbers shorter and fatter so that the '0' (zero) could be turned into the 'o' (oh) form the other 'Ottawa' logos.