Saturday, May 14, 2011

Boogaard's Death May Have Ottawa Link

Yesterday, many in the hockey world were shocked to hear of the death of 28 year old enforcer Derek Boogaard. He was found dead in his apartment in Minnesota, where he had played for the Wild for 5 seasons after being the 202nd overall pick in the 2001 NHL Draft. In the offseason he left as a free agent for the big apple and the New York Rangers, but unfortunately things didn't go as planned.

The 6 foot 7 inch, 265lb giant enforcer only managed to suit up 22 times for the blueshirts before his season was over at the hands of Sens player Matt Carkner on December 9th, 2010. During the game in which the Rangers won 5-3 at SBP, Carkner and Boogaard tangled and #94 was on the losing side of things. He was unable to return to the lineup the rest of the year because of severe concussion problems. It was the last time he ever played in the NHL.

The results of the death won't be known for a few weeks apparently, but one way or another, you would have to think this fight with the Senators tough guy played a major role in his demise. It's a sad ending to a story that will likely becomes more common in the future. On behalf on Sens Town, my condolences to his family, teammates, friends and anyone who knew him.

Derek Boogaard June 23rd 1982 - May 13th, 2011 R.I.P.

UPDATE @ 5pm May 14th:

A video posted from the New York Rangers, he definitely seems to be a gentle giant.


The Forechecker said...

The results of the death won't be known for a few weeks apparently, but one way or another, you would have to think this fight with the Senators tough guy played a major role in his demise.

It's this kind of conclusion-jumping that tends to give bloggers everywhere a bad name. This is horribly irresponsible on your part, and you should be ashamed.

Stephen Smith said...

@The Forechecker

Im sorry you feel that way but it's pretty obvious that it must have had something to do with it.

You don't miss more than 50 games with a concussion without having serious issues.

So are you saying a 28 yr old pro athlete just dropped dead out of nowhere? Clearly he would be in top condition and no one has said he had a problem with drugs or alcohol and if that was the cause there would likely be evidence at this apartment.

The more likely scenario is that this bad concussion had some affect on him. How big I can't say, but it seems it had a role to play in it, which is all i said.

I mentioned we wont know the cause of death for awhile and didnt pretend to have all the answers. I presented a likely scenario, that's all.

Im sorry you feel i give bloggers everywhere a bad name, but that's a rdiculous and offensive statement. I no more speak for all bloggers than you do.

If you wrote something I thought was incorrect I certainly wouldn't feel any less as a blogger.

You're free to write/think what you like, but you accuse me of jumping to conclusions when you just did the same.


Bryan said...

Unless, of course, you think Carkner should be proud of being the cause? Or perhaps Carkner is the cause of the only concussion Boogaard ever had? Maybe it is that you want Carkner to live the rest of his life thinking he killed a man by doing his job?

Or wait... maybe it is just you being completely out of line and jumping to a conclusion you have no justification to make. If it comes out that it is ANYTHING other than this fight, and this fight alone, I would expect to see an apology to everyone involved.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Bryan said...

Patrice Bergeron didn't die from his long stint with a concussion. Nor did Pierre-Marc Bouchard. As far as I am aware, Sidney Crosby is still alive, right? It's obvious this fight had something to do with it? And your medical degree is from where?

Stephen Smith said...


Good call man, because every single concussion is the exact same scenario right?

No grey, just back and white.

Concussions affect people differently and if you can't recognize that I don't know what to tell you.

The Forechecker said...

No, Stephen, I'm waiting for autopsy results before drawing any conclusions about what may have been the cause of death here. Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I'm falling for the same kind of logical fallacies.

And yes, athletes do drop dead from time to time. See Robert "Tractor" Traylor, just a few days ago. Or Aaron Douglas, a football player at Alabama.

Bryan said...

I can realize that, after all, THAT is actually obvious. You still have yet to show us your medical degree, so until that happens, I would appreciate you quit making medical judgments. You, and everyone else making the call on what caused is death is insulting to those of us who called him a friend. I hope you're proud of yourself. You're a vulture.

Stephen Smith said...

Also i never once said that Matt Carkner should be proud or upset about this if it the cause.

Boogaard was a fighter period, and he was doing a job willingly. There are consequences to fighting, that's partly why they are paid so well, and he knew the risks.

It's an unfortunate scenario either way, i wasn't appalauding or lauding Carkner's involvement, but simply pointing our a possibility. But leave it to the internet to twist your words and cause a shit storm about nothing when I meant zero harm.

Stephen Smith said...

@the Forchecker

Yes i know sometimes it happens, but Traylor was retired, not in the midst of his career and had a obesity problem, neith is an issue here for Boogaard. Traylor also didnt have concussion problems that kept him out 3/4 of the season. Apples and oranges.

I appreciate you being civil and rational about it, we'll just agree to disagree.

Thanks for your input though, I don't mind a reasonable discussion.

Even if what i said is 100% true, how is it insulting? I just don't get how people think sometimes.

It is by far the most likely scenario and that's all i was saying.

Stephen Smith said...


Please tell me how suggesting the concussion problems may have lead to his death is insulting his legacy?

Saying he had a coke problem with no evidence would be irresponsible and disrespectful. Which isn't what I did.

I simply presented a likely scenario, just one viewpoint, my opinion and a very realistic possiblity.

I don't get how you don't see that.

Bryan said...

What you meant, and what you accomplished are two completely different things. You have made medical judgments without a medical degree. You have stated the COD is "obvious" despite having zero involvement in the situation. You have labeled Carkner a killer, even if that is not what you intended to do. Whether you meant to or not, your words have already caused harm.

You didn't point out a "possibility." You said it was "obvious." Big difference. Your words make it clear what your intention was. Why you would make this type of judgment makes zero sense. None at all, when every major media person has said the ME says a couple weeks until we know, and major media people have called for people to not make the judgment you just did.

You know absolutely zero about the situation, absolutely zero about the COD, and have shown absolutely zero class by writing this post.

Bryan said...

The New York Post is reporting this: "Post has learned that Derek Boogaard was receiving counseling through NHL/NHLPA Behavorial Health/Substance Abuse Program at time of death."

I'd feel like an ass if I wrote the post you did and then read that. Do with it as you will. I'm done.

Stephen Smith said...


If that's true, it doesn't mean the concussions didnt play a role. People often turn to drugs and other things to cope with pain from concussions.

anyways i agree im done with you, you have an agenda and cant keep it civil.

Bryan said...

Can't keep it civil, says the guy who posts a story about the death of a man less than 24 hours after it happens making claims he has no support to make. You want me to keep it civil? When less than 24 hours after a man I worked closely with and considered a friend dies, and you write this piece of crap post? Really? You want me to be civil about that? I wonder if we switched positions if you could do the same.

Keep it civil. Yeah. You wrote the book on keeping it civil. Go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Yes, no cause of death has been established yet and it may not relate to concussions.

But Bryan how is the post insulting? I don't understand... It says MAY have played a role. And whether concussions played a role or not - the league is now "anything goes" and there are sometimes several head shots per game. Of course people will wonder.

Gravypan said...

Count me in the camp that thinks speculating on the cause of death is irresponsible in light of an absence of facts as to the cause of death.

There's countless reasons why Boogaard tragically passed away. That fact is partially why we have autopsies and other resources at the disposal of modern medical science. The more important reason is so Boogaard's friends, family members, and fans can find some sense of closure.

But whatever the cause, the fact is we're worse off as a hockey society because Derek Boogaard has been taken away from us too soon. From everything I've read about him in the past 24 hours, he was a good guy. And like Billy Joel said, only the good die young.

Far, far too young in this particular case.

Why not focus on that in the meantime? They'll be plenty of time to talk about the cause once we have all the facts.

Zdeno Chara said...

You can be sure that if Carkner has been found to have anything to do with this, Habs fans will call the cops and have him arrested.

Dan said...

Are you new to the internet bryan? That is what blogs are for to state your opinion on things. If you want facts go to the cbc (not that they are much better anymore). Stating that a person with brain injury who dies with no obvious signs or trauma probably died from in part that brain injury is not really over stepping logic. That is like saying a person with a heart condition collapses grasping his chest and you complain well you don't know its his heart that caused it your not a doctor. I think you post that larry brooks a writer known to make up facts to suit his own ends saying it was due to substance abuse is a much worse insult to his memory then anything this blogger said. Even if you know the deceased has time not shown us again and again that people keep secrets so knowing the person can many times blind you from the real truth. Anyways all I am saying is you may not agree with what he said but classless is the rudeness and anger you have shown on here not someone making an assumption. Go back to your cubicle and go rant about battlestar galactica fiction with your friends and leave the grown up talk for the rest of us.

Bryan said...

Dan- New to the internet? No. In fact, I'm pretty good at this whole opinion thing, and you can shove yours. I am not entitled to be rude to someone who is capitalizing on the death of a friend? Yeah, I'm the one who is new to this.

Everyone who has any class at all called for zero speculation. Want to know why? Because it was an accident. Yes, an accidental mixture of two drugs killed him. Not suicide, not concussions. An accident.

When you two are ready to come to grips with your inability to respect the dead, you can feel free to send an apology to the family and friends that lost a loved one.

Dan said...

Exactly buddy your opinion is that he shouldn't have said it. Mine is if you don't want to read someones opinion you have to be the dumbest person on the planet to come to a blog about hockey. Why was he taking pain killers by the way? Was it all the yard work he was doing or was it a concussion. I don't feel the need to apologize to anyone as I wasn't insulting anyones memory by saying I agree it was probably concussion related.

I think the fact that someone said well he had a substance abuse problem is 10 times worse then it wasn't his fault but you ignore that cause it doesn't fit into your I am a crazy person who is here defending someones honor comment because saying a guy has a substance abuse problem is way worse. Enjoy playing the victim.

Oh and the reason news people don't speculate has nothing to do with class it has to do with their newspapers getting sued as writing in a newspaper or on tsn is considered news reporting not a blog stating their opinion.

Stephen Smith said...

what a shock, the results are out and i was right.

You can all apologize anytime