Monday, May 09, 2011

Dave Cameron Comments

There have been rumors for awhile that Mississauga head coach Dave Cameron may be the next head coach of the Ottawa Senators. He was in the gossip for numerous reasons, especially because he worked for the B-Sens before and because The Euge owns the Mississauga team. Well up until now we haven't heard from him, but now we have, and it sure seems to me that he is making a push to be the next one in charge in the capital.

Taken from a post on Puck Daddy, Cameron goes on to say he would love to be in the NHL and it seems to me he is angling to be behind the bench here next season. For the time being, he is trying to win the Memorial Cup, which starts May 20th and is in Mississauga.

On a personal note, I don't think that Cameron is the solution to our coaching woes. There's a world of difference between the OHL and NHL, and I'd prefer to have someone not already in Melnyk's pocket.

Thoughts on Cameron's comments?

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