Tuesday, May 31, 2011

J-E-T-S...Jets! Jets! Jets!

Jets fans already being assholes
Finallllllllly, the Jets have come back to Winnnnnnipeg! Sorry for The Rock refence, but in this case, I felt it was needed. The NHL today announced that the Atlanta Thrashers will move to Winnipeg, which may have been the NHL's least guarded secret of all time. The new Winninpeg franchise, that has yet to be named so far by the way, will play one season in the Southeast Division before being re-aligned back to the Western Conference. The re-alignment will likely mean Boston will leave our division and join the Atlantic, while Pittsburgh will shift into the Northeast. Geat, more Crosby, Malkin and Fleury, just what we needed right?

To be honest, I'm glad for the people of Winnipeg, who seem ecstatic about the return of NHL hockey, but I'm kind of tired of the whole thing. The entire process has turned me into someone who just doesn't care, and I suspect I'm not alone. There's been way too much media coverage and its annoyed me to the point of not caring. If anything I'm just glad it's done and I no longer have to hear about it. About the only positive thing is we just gained an awesome jersey back in the fold, if they end up being called the Jets that is.

And while we're at it, congratulations to the Edmonton Oilers and their fans. This is a big day for you guys as well, even if you don't know it yet. Today is the day you are no longer the least desired destination in the NHL to play in, so that's something

So the NHL is back in Winnipeg and we now have 7 Canadian NHL teams, now let's move on shall we.

Thoughts on Winnipeg back in the NHL?

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