Saturday, May 28, 2011

Melnyk Doesn't Understand What A Poker Face Is

These were The Euge's comments from an interview during the 1st intermission of the Memorial Cup Semi Final last night. It was a game that his team ended up winning, and I can just see a potential CHL championship as the crappy excuse used to justify his hiring. Are we really supposed to believe that Melnyk, a guy who pays MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars a year to operate the team, isn't going to get the guy he just publicly said he wanted? Poker face Eugene, poker face.

Thoughts on the likelihood of Cameron becoming our new coach?


Anonymous said...

Yeah....Eugene Melnyk...

Heard that one of the reasons he brought back BM is that he let's him play GM every once in a while.

this is sad for our organization.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of some idiot with tons of money who thinks he knows how to run a hockey club. Same old shit from Melnyk. Told Murray where to trade fisher, told murray to sign kovashit. Same old crap from a guy who doesn't understand hockey. Great move if you want to lose big games like Cameron has the last 3 tournaments. Embarrassing.