Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Cup Final Has Many Sens Twists

Sens and Mississauga owner Eugene Melnyk at Memorial Cup press conference
The final game of the junior hockey season is tonight, as the Memorial Cup Final has the Saint John Sea Dogs taking on the Mississauga St Michael's Majors at the Hershey Centre (7pm on sportsnet). Now you may be asking yourself, why are you writing about junior hockey, it has nothing to do with the Sens. If you thought that, how wrong you are. There are several Sens related storylines featured in the final, observe.

-First off, the tournament is hosted by Sens owner Eugene Melnyk, who of course owns the Mississauga St Michael's Majors. So not only is the host, but his team is also in the final.

-Second of all, many Sens fans (msyelf inculded) are dreaming of a scenario in which Jonathan Huberdeau ends up in an Ottawa jersey come draft day. His very strong play in the playoffs is making that less likely by the minute, but still worth a watch to see the Sea Dog lace em up. If that wasn't enough, Saint John also has 9 players, yes 9 players ranked in the top 60 of North America's top skaters for June's draft. So this is must see TV for all you draft geeks out there. There's a decent possibility one of them maybe be our property with our second first round pick, or one of our 2nd round picks.

-And thirdly, Mississauga coach Dave Cameron appears to be a front runner for the head coaching vacancy in Ottawa. I don't really approve, and from what I've heard, neither do most Sens fans, but Melnyks comments recently suggest it will likely be Cameron behind the bench. You'd have to think it's almost a sure thing if he manages to win tonight.

So there are your Sens related storylines for the final tonight. Tune in to watch since hockey is almost done for the year.


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Anonymous said...

No World Juniors gold, no OHL championship, no Memorial Cup...three strikes and you're out Mr. Cameron.