Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rideau Centre Sens Store Closes

The Sens Store at Rideau Centre is now closed
The Sens Store at Rideau has now gone out of business, errr I mean is moving locations, which is code for we're not doing well and we need to cut costs and/or losses. Either way, the Rideau Centre Sens Store is no more, but a new location will be opening somewhere in the city in the next few months, which I have heard will likely be at Bayshore Shopping Centre. That of course makes zero sense, which means it's probably true.

Kind of an embarassing moment for the Sens organiation if you ask me. I doubt anywhere in Ottawa gets more traffic than a store near the Rideau food court, so obviously the market wasn't responding to their store.

Also interesting to note that the real Spartacat has a twitter and took the time of his busy schedule to send me a message. What a day!

Thoughts on the store closing?


Anonymous said...

I used to get tickets for games and such, but never bought any merchandise there. I pretty much order any NHL merchandise from online stores now, just more convenient.

Plus, we Ottawans in general are dirt-cheap, we'd put Harpagon and Ebenezer Scrooge to shame.


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