Thursday, May 05, 2011

Senators Themed Goalie Mask

Every once and awhile you see a fan do something cool to show their passion for their team. Sometimes it's misguided like a horrible tattoo, but other times it's a cool tribute to your favorite squad, like this goalie mask, painted to honor the Sens. On the top of the mask they have gone with the old style "O" logo that has been used as side patches on our jersey's in recent years, and that will feature as the main logo on the new heritage jerseys coming soon. It also features some lightning and a flowing flag coming off the "O". It's a very solid start.

On the left side, the mask features Muppet character Animal rocking a 90's home jersey, which is still usually voted as the fans favorite jersey. On the right side, the mask has Ottawa's famous Peace Tower and of course the Canadian flag. While this mask isn't entirely my taste, it's still pretty cool to do on your own accord. I've been told this mask was made to be used to play in, so be on the lookout for a goalie wearing this next time you lace em up.

Thoughts on the fan mask?

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