Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Trophy Is In The Building

Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan with the Calder Cup
The Calder Cup trophy made it's way to Binghamton, NY today for all of the B-Sens fans to see. Here is the cup pictured with Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan, no not the Atlanta quarterback. Interesting to see that the Calder travels with it's on attendant with white gloves like Lord Stanley does. The final starts Friday night in Houston, Texas.

Is everyone getting excited for the series?


Anonymous said...

There's no TV coverage here as far as I know; hard to get excited when you can't even see it. But I'll be rooting for the B-Sens regardless.

Stephen Smith said...

I actually hear the final will be on the NHL network if you're interested in watching it.

But i think Sens TV should at least stream it online either way