Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zack Smith Re-Ups For 2 More

Zack Smith in action for Binghamton in the 2011 AHL playoffs
It was a busy day for the Sens organization, who are still basking in their farm team making the AHL finals for the first time in franchise history, and the earlier signing of Colin Greening to a new deal. Well they made another signing, re-upping pesky forward Zack Smith for 2 more seasons.

Like Greening, Smith's 2 year deal is one way, which means he will likely be in the NHL next season, and if he isn't, he will at least be paid as an NHLer. I'm not quite sure why Smith's deal is only 2 years, compared to Greening's 3 year contract, but I imagine it has something to with age.

Once again, no financials were released as of yet, but I will update once the information is available. Like Greening I suspect this is also in the 800-900k range.

On a personal note, I've always been a big supporter of young Zackary. I like his potential and how hard he plays, but let's just hope he cuts down on the discipline problems that were a real issue this year.

Murray's take via Sens site:

"Zack has been in the organization here for a period of time and that has given him a chance, I believe, to improve greatly as a player," said Murray. "He certainly has matured in his overall game. It looks like he has some offensive ability to go along with it. So we’re very happy to get Zack in a situation where he can play on the big team next year."


"(In the NHL), Zack is going to be a third-line matchup type of player," said Murray. "He’s big and strong, he handles the puck fine, but he knows how to play defence and how to play against good players. With that, he has a little bit of flair for the offence. He has a chance, I believe, to score some goals. I don’t think that’s what we’ll call upon him to do, but very definitely, he's a solid two-way guy who is just coming of age."

Thoughts on the Smith signing?

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