Monday, June 06, 2011

Episode 1

A few weeks ago I posted the Senate Reform teaser video, though no of us were quite 100% sure what it was. I had heard rumblings of a behind the scenes video, but it was just a rumor. Well today was the day we found out what it was, and it is a 4 part behind the scenes look at the NHL draft process.

Basically it's a no frills version of HBO's 24/7 or TSN's Oil Change. Well the execution isn't really there in the camera work and narration (went with Gord Wilson of course), I do at least applaud the organization from trying something new. Although I have to admit, episode 1 left a lot to be desired. It was a nice attempt, but in true Senators style, the didn't do it properly.

Still, it's worth a watch, as it's only a few minutes long and some of you may happen to enjoy it more than me. Hopefully episodes 2-4 will pick up a lot more.

Thoughtsa on episode 1?


Senatorsman1200 said...

When does the next one come out? Next Monday?
I can't watch it here...because there is no sound, but from what I saw there was a lot of sitting around and talking. I'm gonna watch it later though.
Give me something better, looks very boring!

Anonymous said...

Well, they want to hype the draft, and they can't give away who they're talking about in their conversations for obvious reasons. If they did something like this after the draft was finished, and we can listen in on who exactly they're talking about and see who they ended up with, it would be an interesting exercise. I'm not sure how else they can make these videos interesting without showing the hand they're playing.