Friday, June 10, 2011

Is This Our New Head Coach?

Paul MacLean lifting the Stanley Cup with Detroit
According to Don Brennan, yes! He believes that Detroit assistant Paul MacLean will be the new head coach of the Ottawa Senators and I've heard the announcement of a new coach, whoever it may be, may come as early as Monday. Like the article says, I've also heard the top 3 candidates are MacTavish, MacLean and Kleinendorst.

Speaking of the article, could Brennan go any more out of his way to say this is happening without saying it's for sure happening? It's basically allowing him to gloat if it does happen and say hey I never said it was a done deal if it doesn't. Is this really what passes for content at major newspapers? Make a definitive opinion and stand by it.

Do you Brennan is right? And who would you like to see as the next Sens head coach?


senatorsman1200 said...

That would be siick!
I would love to have a winning coach behind the bench for once! Instead of having a rookie coach, or one that has never proven himself. :D GO SENS GO!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Brennan, but I think he's right.