Thursday, September 22, 2011

Original Senators Player Tickets

With the 20th anniversary season in full swing, everything for the upcoming year is trickling in, including the release of the tickets. This years batch features a mix of current players, original Senators players and important past players from the modern Sens as well. Over the next week I will be showing you all the different eras featured on the duckets. Today we begin with the original Senators.

First on the menu is Alex Connell. He is an Ottawa native, nicknamed "The Ottawa Fireman" and played goal for the Sens in the 1920's, becoming a 30 game winner in a single season. He won 1 Stanley Cup and was even named Captain of the team in 1932-33. Take that Roberto Luongo! Connell entered the hall of fame in 1958.

Another goalie and another Ottawa native is up next. Clint Benedict won a whopping 4 Stanley Cups with the Senators and is credited with wearing facial protection 30 years before Jacques Plante did. He was also credited with several new techniques that revolutionalized the goalie position. He too is also a member of the hall of fame.

This one features easily one of the most prominent of the older Senators players. The one and only Cyclone Taylor. If you're wondering why that name sounds familiar, a street is named in his honor by Scotiabank Place. He was a Vancouver native and was at one point the highest paid athlete in Canada. He is also a hall of famer and has a sports store named after him.

Another fairly famous alumn. Cy Denneny was a member of 5 Stanley Cup winning teams, including 4 with Ottawa. He even had a very short spell as the Sens head coach, ultimately being let go after a last place finish in his first season. He is also a member of the hall of fame.

Eddie Gerard is a far less known memeber of the original Sens franchise, but definitely not because he isn't as worthy as the rest. Gerard won multiple Stanley Cups and is one of the 12 first inductees ever in the hall of fame. He is an Ottawa native to boot and also had a very successful coaching career, winning a Stanley Cup as coach of the Montreal Maroons.

This is an easy one. Frank Finnigan is by far the most known and recognizable of the past Senator greats. He jersey number is retired at Scotiabank Place, a restaurant bears his name, and was the longest living (made it to 88 years old). He was nicknamed "The Shawville Express" and was a key member of the 1926-27 Stanley Cup champion team. He also played for the Leafs but let's just ignore that part. Oddly enough, our best known former player did not make the hall of fame.

Frank McGee is one interesting guy. He lost an eye while playing hockey when he was just 18 and retired from the game. Three years later he missed it so much he returned to action and was so good he was an original inductee into the hall of fame. He has 63 goals in just 22 career playoff games and was an Ottawa native.

Another Ottawa native and another hall of famer, seeing a pattern? Jack Darragh was born in Ottawa and died in Ottawa, but in between won 4 Stanley Cups for the Sens. Unlike the ohers on here, Darragh played his entire 13 year career with Ottawa. Unfortunately his life was cut short and he died at only 33 years of age due to abdominal problem.

If you follow hockey at all, then you know the name King Clancy. He is easily one of the most recognizable names in hockey history and of course an Ottawa native. Real name Francis played 9 seasons for Ottawa and has an award named after him for the NHL player that is outstanding in the community. And oh ya, HOFer.

Yes you read that right, it's Rat. His real name was Harry, but the nickname was Rat and it stuck. They sure don't make em like that anymore do they? It reminded me of this guy. Westwick was different though, as he got his startbeing a championship lacrosse player before being a part of the Silver Seven dynasty that won 4 cups. Once again, the Rat is an Ottawa native and a member of the Hall.

Shoutout to the Sens organization for doing such a good job and showing everyone our proud history. The one thing I will say is the names from back in the day are awesome and hilarious. How come we don't have names like that anymore? We could definitely use some more characters like that in the league. A very cool tribute to important members of Sens history.




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Good job on this

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You missed Frank Nighbor, the Avs October 13th game. Also you should add a special posting about Neilson since he's also on a ticket.