Monday, October 31, 2011

Alfie Out With Concussion Problems

Sens captain Daniel Alfredsson will be out a minimum of a week after suffering a concussion on a cheap shot elbow to the head at the hands of the Rangers' Wolski on Saturday afternoon. Alfie, who missed the game on Sunday as well, will be re-evaluated in a weeks time, though there is no guarantee he will be back then. What a shame to happen to him of all people and the stunning part is there was no suspension handed out to Wolski after the NHL spent all pre season bombarding us with suspensions.

In case you missed it, here is the hit from multiple angles. I mean I don't know what more Brendan Shannahan and the NHl are looking for. It's pretty black and white to me. A clear cheap shot that deserved suspension.

Ian Mendes tweeted this about the Alfie hit, which wouldn't be all that newsworthy normally other than because it's from Mendes, who for the record is my favorite Sens media guy, but it got a player to respond.........

Former Sen Mike Fisher retorted and I think it says it all about the NHL's consistency. Smarten up and fast.

Thoughts on the Alfie injury?

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