Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Day Late & A Dollar Short

The Sens put in a valiant effort tonight, about as good as one could expect from a team so over matched and coming off such a poor performance on Thursday. They managed to hold their own for most of the game against one of the NHL's best, before ultimately losing 2-1 in a gritty affair.

Going into the game I hardly had high hopes, but the Sens managed to compete and at times overwhelm the potent Capital teams. We just lacked the finish tonight. It's a loss I can more than live with. The competed and played hard and that's all you can really ask. They just aren't as good as Washington and still nearly stole 2 points on the road.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Stephane Da Costa shaved his head
  • Sergei Gonchar left the game after taking a shot to the leg and did not return. I'm sure many of you were somewhat happy with the injury. Not me. I still think we need him despite the poor play so far.
  • Alex Auld was pretty solid in his season debut.
  • Mika Zibanejad was invisible. I like the kid but I have to figure his time in the NHL this year is almost up.
  • Ovechkin ran over Jared Cowen. Shows how strong he truly is. The Jagr hit was no coincidence at the olympics.
  • Beauty bit of skill by Peter Jensen, who scored the lone goal and potted 1/3rd of his total from last year.
  • Michalek impressed me again. 
  • The goal that was called back in the first was a horrible call. It should have counted.

With the lone goal, Peter Regin wins the night  tonight.



Anonymous said...

The Sens deserved to win. If they lose but put an effort like they did tonight, I'll have no complaints. Makes me feel a little bit better about playing the Flyers next.

Canucnik said...

Erik owned OV...

#9 put his hand on the goalie?

Jared was off balance and he will be back...

#17 is a drifter, even the old Tranna goalie said so...

Philly has lost his confidence especially on the PK...over thinking, over playing everything...

Rundblad is fearless when they see him go ya better go cover his that a lot...

Neil should be told if you cary your stick (horizontally)laterally it's a penalty everytime...we love him but he doesn't seem to get that part!

We are too old and too young but we are coming...