Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Euro Trip Booked

The decision has been made. Mika Zibanejad has been sent back to Europe to play for Djugradens of the Swedish Elite League, thus saving a year on his entry level deal. I thought he was going to stay here for the year to develop, but Murray has been assured by Djurgardens management that Mika will be playing on their first line and powerplay units, so I suppose playing more might help him.

Bryan Murray on returning him to SEL:

Personally I'm a bit surprised they let him go, but perhaps it had a lot to do with his contract as well. It have to been a major factor right? I thought the kid was solid and played hard, and staying in the NHL would help him develop. I can't see how playing in an inferior league with a different ice surface and a way less physical style of play will hlep him be NHL ready. But what do I know.

Thoughts on Mika being sent back? Agree or disagree?


Alexander said...

Absolutely the right decision. While he's not been making the mistakes that Cowen and Rundblad have been making, he's not ready. I think he is big enough to play, but he's not fully grown. From what I've seen, he has real trouble pushing his way into the offensive zone. Why waste a year of his contract? He will still need some adjustment next year, but he will have some more muscle.

Chad in Dallas said...

I think its the right call. Make room to take a better look at some of the other guys that have already been developing in the system. Mika needs to beef up a bit, and get some confidence under him, then he will be fine.

Anonymous said...

While I know this year is kind of a throw away year, your offensive depth has taken another HUGE hit. Hope no one else gets injured on the front line because all that's left is Filatov...

I would have thought this would be a good year to bring in a bunch of fringe NHL players and have a bunch of people on 2 way contracts to figure out who really deserves being up in Ottawa...

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