Friday, October 14, 2011

Photo Diary: Heritage Jersey Debut Massacre

This was what everyone was waiting for, the highly anticipated debut of the Senators heritage jersey. We've all seen it by now, but we still had yet to see in action on the ice. We were coming off a nice comeback win on open night and were hoping for a nice mini win streak to continue vs Colorado. Clearly that didn't happen. As always, here is the game in picture form. Enjoy the latest photo diary.

Original Senator and HOFer Frank Nighbor graced the tickets for the heritage jersey debut. Great choice. It would have been awesome if the Avs could have worn Nordiques jerseys too.

Our first look of the new complete uniform in warmup. Modeled by Milan Michalek, Chris Neil and Erik Karlsson. Love the whole look. It's a perfect blend of paying homage to the past but with a modern look too.

And the Senators come out for the start of the game, led by netminder Craig Anderson, who was hoping for a solid performance against his former club. Things didn't go as planned and the Avs seemed very happy to stick it to him all night, which my lead credence to the reports of the shit talking he may have done about them.

The ceremoninal puck drop featuring Frank Nighbor's son Frank, dropping the puck for captains Daniel Alfredsson and Paul Stastny. Alfie won it again. He seems to be perfect at those for some reason, but only at home. On the road he seems to never win ;)

Anthem tiiiiiiiiiiiiime! Ah things were still happy here. Everyone was excited. We didn't know what was coming our way yet.

A closer view of the starting lineup during the anthem. On the ice are Jared Cowen, Stephane Da Costa, Sergei Gonchar, Daniel Alfredsson and Colin Greening. The way our D played perhaps we should have let the flag kids play. They couldn't have done much worse.

And here is the rest of the team rockin' the instant classic. Seriously, these are amazing. I couldn't be happier with the jersey and from everything I've heard most people feel the same.

Not that much to say here, more just a cool pic with the flag and the players. If you look closely on your left hand side by the glass there is a cool Nordiques Sakic jersey. Time for puck drop.

And the Senators score early off a nice tip by Milan Michalek, who has the honor of being the scorer of the first ever goal in the heritage jersey. It was the first time we had a lead so far this season.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd that lead lasted less than 3 minutes after a goal by rookie Gabriel Landeskog, who while Swedish, grew up a Sens fan. I'm sure glad we started Craig Anderson for 172665320 straight games to end the year with meaningless wins, so we dropped in the draft and couldn't get him.

Zack Smith in a fight with Ryan Wilson, after Smith nailed Matt Duchene with a hard but clean hit. Can we please stop this already? I'm so tired of clean hits resulting in fights.

I figured I needed to show that while the score was only 3-1 somehow, we only had 8 shots through almost 2 periods, while the Avs had 30. Yep a team that played the night before and had to travel, embarrassed us like that. It may be a long year.

Paul MacLean talking to the ref after numerous questionable calls by the zebras. I love the stache but unless the ref took away our ability to get the puck out of our own end then it probably won't help.

At this point it was 5-1 and could have been worse. We looked slow and sloppy, no heart. I like to think that Alfie, Foligno and Zibanejad are talking about where it all went wrong. Just let me have this one ok.

This was the pin they were giving out at the game. It was a nice touch for heritage jersey debut night, especially with the Frank Nighbor card that has the date and opponent on it. It makes for a nice keepsake for Sens collectors.

I guess the scoreboard guys were having a bad night too. Someone might want to tell them that the Thrashers have moved to Winnipeg and are now the Jets again. I'm not blaming the Sens for this, they most likely subscribe to a service that handles this for them. Still, it's a ridiculous mistake to make.

It was a sellout but I was kind of disappointed by the turnout. Remember that the Senators gave out 1000's of tickets to this game with the pruchase of a new heritage jersey, so I was expecting more, since it's possible to get 20,500 in SBP. Still, the people that were there were pretty loud, for the first 10 minutes.

And this made it 6-1. The worst part was that it wasn't even a close 6-1, in fact it was the rare occassion when the 6-1 score at the time was flattering. We couldn't skate, take a pass or ever get the puck out of our own end. It was very frustrating to watch. We mailed this one in.

So that's it, we were murdered in the big debut of the new gear. About the only positive was how good they looked on the ice. Otherwise it was one of the worst games I've ever witnissed, but the jerseys themselves looked amazing.

Thoughts on the debut of the heritage jerseys?

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<3 my great grandfather xoxoxo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frank Nighbor!!!!!! Definately the best in my heart! :) GO SENS GO!!!!

Love Your great grand daughter Erin Nighbor <3