Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo Diary: Opening Night Part 1

This post was supposed to be on Wednesday, but I had several pictures I needed on my blackberry and due to the whole network being down worldwide I couldn't access them. But now it's ready, so here is part one of the photo diary from opening night. Part 2 will be up tomorrow.

First up is the opening night tickets, which feature the first ever captain of the Senators in Laurie Boschman. I don't mind that he's on the front, in fact it's a nice touch, but they could have made the tickets a little nicer in my opinion. They're too boring and like every other ticket this year. Moving on......

The Senators advertised a red carpet event to kick start the season. Many of you tweeted me that this was a corny idea and you hated it. So I guess I didn't see you there then? Tell me how you really feel, but to each their own. At least they're trying now, which is a plus. Here it is in all its glory before anyone had arrived.

Here's the inflatable gate that greeted you as you entered. It felt a little kiddy and unnecessary to me, but people seemed to like it. You can see the people starting to form in anticipation of the players arrivals. It was good that they had the 20th anniversary logo featured at least.

Here we are a few minutes away from the players arriving and the crowd was fairly considering this started at 4:30pm on a weekday afternoon. If I had to guess I'd just maybe 3-400 people were there, plus some of the ugliest promo girls I've ever seen. Step your game up Molson.

This has nothing to with the Senators at all, other than the fact he was covering the red carpet event for a French TV station and he made me laugh uncontrollably.  The hair, the fake tan, the suit. If you watch How I Met Your Mother, Sandy Rivers came to mind. Plus he took himself way too seriously. It was awesome.

This also made me laugh. I can appreciate the passion and effort to make the homemade Stanley Cup, even taking the time to put each Sens players name on it, but this woman was 45-55 years old and was running around excited like a 14yr old with Justin Bieber around. You can also see Stuntman Stu's face for a brief moment to the right of the cup.

The arrival of one of the limo's. The way they did it was a former player from the 1992-93 team along with 2 current Sens players per limo. It was a cheesy gimmick, but people seemed excited to see their hero's up close and personal.

The problem with this set up was that the players were only walking down the carpet while giving high fives. The walk took maybe a minute and they announced it was too close to game time to have them sign any autographs or take any pictures. That was a pretty big fail on the Sens part and people were pissed you could tell and rightfully so.

Making people come 3 hours before the game on a weekday to watch players basically walk by is bad form. If that was the case, they should have made it crystal clear on all the promotion material that there would be absolutely no player interaction. I don't really get the point of even having this event to just have them walk by.

Loved this guys outfit. The modern Roman. Toga, headpiece, O belt, sandals and smart phone.

The Sens-squatch in his natural habitat. A very rare glimpse at a creature that isn't seen very often. Looks like he was getting his game face on, pre gaming and rockin the stache in honor of Paul MacLean.

Jason Spezza graced the cover of the Score magazine and they gave us a special commemorative insert that gave us the history of the heritage jersey. It was on nice paper and was pretty cool. A nice souvenir.

And the cover of the lineup sheet  from the home opener against the Wild. Is that the best picture they could come up with? I know we don't play Minnesota that often, but Chris Phillips moving the puck out of our zone what they went with? If only there was someone on the Wild people in Ottawa might have an interest in........

Oh right, Dany Heatley plays for the Wild. They should have gone with that. I figured most fans had moved on from hating on Heatley, but this woman still wanted to display her hatred for #15.

Most people remove strategic letters to make the old Heatley jerseys say HATE. So props to this guy for being original and turning it into an EAT-ME. I probably would have gone with the simpler Zack Smith on the back. But that's just me. Props!

I guess I misjudged the amount of hate still around for Heater. Here he is featured in a sexy too too in the urinal for everyone to do a Dany Heatley on.

And in a separate urinal across looks like someone else had the same idea. I guess the hate still resonates with many in Sens Army after all. I can definitely understand that.

This shouldn't have made me laugh and yet it did. A Crosby jersey headless and unable to participate. Seems like a metaphor for poor Sid at the moment. I also love that the people running the charity auction thought that Sid's jersey wasn't valuable enough for the table and stuck it on the floor instead. I have to agree, anytime you have a Nick Foligno autographed picture at auction, you have to sell the sizzle instead.

This seemed like a good place to stop part 1. Part 2 will be up tomorrow, which will feature a lot more of the actual game, so be sure to come back and check out the photo diary archives for other PD's.


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