Monday, October 17, 2011

Photo Diary: Opening Night Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the opening night photo diary. For part 1 click here. So here is a nice display of all the tickets for our 20th season this year all framed with the 20th anniversary logo. This thing was HUGE but very cool to have if you have the space for it. Would look awesome in a home office, although the way the season is going so far, you may not want to remember this year. Enjoy part 2.

The Sens Store also had this, a metal copy of the 20th season opening night ticket featuring Laurie Boschman, sort of like they did with the Alfie gold ticket from the first Stanley Cup game ticket here in 2007.  It's a cool idea and I might have been suckered into it, but it was way too expensive for an opening night ticket in my opinion. I may pick one up later on if it's on sale. Cool idea though.

And here is centre ice before the game. It looks nice with the 20th anniversary logo doesn't it? I could deal without the faceoff 2011 logo but I was just happy that hockey was back. Nothing like being there live.

Bell has all you 12yr old girls and emo teenagers covered in this advertisement. Really cheesy and corny.

This was an odd viewing for several reasons, so when I saw it, I had to snap it. First off, it's David Rundblad, warming up to make his NHL debut, which had to be nerve wracking for the young Swede, but that isn't what was weird.

Of course we were playing Minnesota, that has hated Dany Heatley on its roster. So someone had the guts and funds to buy a new Heatley jersey AND front row seats, while also rocking a North Stars snap back hat. Which would have been kinda weird in itself, but would the cherry on top was the guy rocking the recently deceased Derek Boogaard directly next to him. I don't think you'll ever see a weirder pair at SBP on a game like that.

And here is the hated man himself, Mr Heatley in warmup. Like last year when he came back with San Jose, he was the first one off the ice and only stayed out for a few minutes. People boo'd him again, but it was nothing like last year.

And here are your 2011-12 Ottawa Senators. I was a little disappointed in the introductions. I mean it was opening night and all they did was have them all skate out and announce them one by one. I could have gone for a little bit more showmanship.

And what home opener is complete without a ceremonial faceoff right? Daniel Alfredsson versus Saku Koivu, while owner Eugene Melnyk and first Sens captain Laurie Boschman co-drop the puck.

They had a Darcy Loewen jersey for sale at the charity auctions, which for all you youngsters was an original Sens player from the 1992-93 squad. I don't know if this sold or for how much but I find it hard to believe anyone would drop hard earned cash on a guy who's currently a Las Vegas firefighter.

And our first anthem picture of the year. It looks so much better aesthetically when the whole roster fills the blue line doesn't it? I would not be against doing this for every game. While we're at it though, man do the Wild have the worst logo in the league? That is an ugly jersey.

And the home opener is underway. Side note: I had to keep double taking all night with #24 playing so forward. I kept wondering why the A-Train is spending so much time in their zone before finally accepting he's been gone for a year already and that it was Stephane Da Costa. I can't be the only one.

Here is the 20th anniversary pin they gave out to us, complete with opening night card. A nice little token gesture to have as a souvenir from the Sens organization to remember the night.

And here is Chris Neil talking smack to Dany Heatley at a faceoff. You will recall that Neil was the only one to ever say anything bad about Heatley and his behavior. You will also recall that Neil had a goal and an assist, plus 8 hits during this game. Including one massive hit on Stoner behind the net and one where he put Heatley on his ass finally.

And the Sens are on the board with their first goal at home of the new season, a rebound potted by Nick Foligno. The Sens were down 2-0 at this point and this made it 2-1 and got us back in the game. Also nice to see that Dany was on the ice for it.

Right after we got that Foligno goal, we gave up one to make it 3-1 Minnesota. Things got a little feisty afterwards, which led to this mini brawl. Nothing really happened in it but just see ow nuts the fans go over a fight and tell me it will be easy to take it out of the game.

Onto the 3rd period, where Neil had appeared to get us within one but ti was called no goal. They went upstairs and it was ruled a goal and the place went nuts. The only problem was we couldn't tell at SBP because the scoreboard screen was too small and blurry but when I got home and saw the replay, it was clearly in. Not sure how the refs missed that one. It was a good hockey goal ladies and gentleman. 3-2 Wild in the 3rd.

And our favorite Newfie Colin Greening ties the game up at 3's late in the 3rd. The place went nuts. We may be the NHL's comeback kids, or at least 3rd period kings. If only we could play normally during the first 2 periods. SBP was a rockin'.

Ah memories. Can you believe it was only 4 years ago that we were arguably the best team in the NHL and now we're going to be a bottom 5 team for the 2nd year in a row? This made me smile and sad at the same time.

I don't want to hate on Sens fans, but this was the scene with 4 minutes left in a game tied at 3's, which by the way was the home opener. There's WAY too many good empty seats there. Why bother even coming to the game if you're just going to leave early no matter what? These were full at the start of the game. Step it up Sens fans.

An action shot of Jason Spezza scoring in the shootout between Backstrom's legs, just after Michalek's goal and Alfie's game winner. This has to be the first time we have ever gone 3 for 3 in a shootout. I'm positive it is.

And the Sens complete the comeback, taking it 4-3 in a shootout against the Wild for their first win of the year. If I'm a Wild fan, and hey who isn't, I'm more than a little worried about giving up 44 shots to a team of the Sens caliber. At least they have that tropical weather to look forward to all winter.

And the Senators celebrate the first W of the season at centre ice, mobbing Daniel Alfredsson, who just scored the winner. A great comeback win and a great opening night.


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Tim said...

If you watched any games from that 92-93 season you would know why someone would drop money on that Loewen jersey. Know your roots.