Friday, October 07, 2011

Sens Jump On Advertising Bandwagon

With the NHL's salary cap rising to almost double what it originally was, teams are looking for new ways to create revenue's. Having tapped out nearly every other avenue of monetary gain, some of the more prominent organizations like the Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Blackhawks amongst others, have sold sponsorship spots on their practice jerseys. Well the Sens are the latest, rocking a Bell patch on their practice jerseys, as modeled by Alfie above.

I'm not quite sure what the argument is in the Puck Daddy piece. Is anyone really against this? Does the average fan ever even see a practice? The patch is small and as long as it's not on the real jersey then who cares in my opinion. But you're crazy if you don't think that ads on the real jerseys is coming in the next decade. For now, a small market team like Ottawa has to take the money and run.



JA said...

Yeah, it won't be long before game jerseys have advertising patches on them; in many hockey leagues jerseys are covered in them (look at Europe's hockey leagues), and this will probably be the case even if the cap shrinks as a result of the upcoming CBA negotiations.

3d marketing said...

We will see the future jerseys of these NHL players look like billboards just to cope up with their salaries. I am sure the players would agree as long as they can maintain their pay levels up.