Thursday, October 13, 2011


First off, I want to give a shoutout to the Sens marketing department, who someone convinced this years squad to play like the 1992-93 team. Brilliant! That had to of been one of the worst games we have ever played, period! To lose to a team like that who played last night and traveled is embarrassing. Not a good start to the new jersey to lose 7-1. I'm going to keep it short before I lose my mind.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Attendance was 19,239 - kinda weak since so many free tickets were given out with purchase of new jersey.
  • The new jerseys are Spectacular! I love them. Everyone loves them.
  • The refs were very suspect tonight. That Smith penalty and the Neil penalty were brutal calls.
  • Our entire defence was pathetic tonight. Can we send them all to the NHL?
  • I'm sure glad we started Anderson in 192873434 consecutive games to close the season last year, bumping us back in the draft and missing out on Sens fan and now Avs player Garbiel Landeskog, who had 2 points tonight.
  • Matt Duchene's celebration tonight was very douchey. Smarten up kid!
  • The Folign-Regin-Neil line was our only decent trio tonight. Again.
  • Anderson was great through 2, lousing in the 3rd.
  • Only took us 4 games to get our first too many men call. Impressive.
  • We looked like we didn't care tonight. Maybe we didn't. Was very hard to watch.

With the only goal tonight, Milan Michalek wins the night.

Thoughts on the game?


Anonymous said...

One nice thing the organization did at the game was have original Senator Hec Kilrea's great nephew on the jumbotron, with the camera zoomed in on his 1927 Stanley Cup ring. Pretty sweet. Also classy to have Frank Nighbor's son do the ceremonial puck drop at the beginning.

Anonymous said...

What is to say other than the fact that our entire defence is dog-sh*t! Actually that's an insult to dog sh*t!

Wake up Murray, get some REAL players on defence.

Where the frank has Spezza been this year??

Anderson clearly isn't this team's solution...