Sunday, November 06, 2011

RUMOR: Scoreboard Coming Soon

Now I want to definitely start off by stating that this is not confirmed at all, but I have been hearing that the Senators will indeed be getting a new scoreboard and that it will be by the end of the month. I have heard this from multiple people but the Senators have kept it very quiet so far. The rumor is that the when the Sens go on their long road trip in a couple of weeks that they will use that time to install the new screen, which takes a bit of time to do as you might expect. But is it really true?

There's a large gap between the 13th and the 22nd of November when the Sens are away and there are no other events scheduled at SBP. Rumor has it this is when the new scoreboard will be installed. For now it's just a rumor but this one won't go away. Let's hope it's true because the current scoreboard is definitely not up to par.



Anonymous said...

Where have you been?!

Scoreboard is coming, I am 99% sure of it.

Senatorsman1200 said...

Especially with the recent glitches going on with it.
Imagine hosting the All Star Game with the scoreboard shutting off?
Embarrassing or what? :P
I really hope this is what they're doing!
It looks like it's the best time to do it too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for a professional hockey team to not have a properly functioning scoreboard is embarrasing.

Melnyk, you've got some pretty deep pockets and are slated to put on a big "allstar" show soon....Pony up big boy.

Anonymous said...

It was confirmed to me by someone who works at the ScotiaBank Centre that the new scoreboard WILL be there in time for the All-Star Week-end.

senatorsman1200 said...

It's kinda funny how Melnyk is putting this in (hopefully) for the all star game.
If anything is's an owner that doesn't care about the fans, and only cares about what other teams think about his building.
It's about time for this scoreboard imo
It was time for it 2 years ago as well.
Knowing the Senators organization, they will probably buy it a day before the ASG, and try to put it up that day.

Also..what's a "Scotiabank Center"?
If you seriously have someone confirm it for you who works at the Scotiabank Place, you probably should be able to say what the name of the place is! xD

Good Work though, Mayor! ;D

Anonymous said...

not happening. LMFAO is on the 16th

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's official.