Thursday, December 15, 2011

All Star Doppelganger's Confirmed

It was a week ago where I exclusively let everyone know that the 2012 All Star Game jerseys in Ottawa would be a copy of last season's in Carolina. Several hockey site's like Puck Daddy and Icethetics picked up on it, but were careful not to definitively say it was true, which I can understand for obvious reasons. Well today it has been confirmed that what I had up is indeed true, as this was spotted at The Sens Store at Scotiabank Place on Wednesday night against the Boston Bruins. More pics and proof after the jump.

This is from the Reebok Store upstairs at Scotiabank Place. As you can see all the Sens jerseys, plus jerseys from all the other NHL teams with the 2012 All Star Game jerseys featured in the middle. Although only the blue one is visible in this picture, the white one's were behind them and available for sale.

Here's an up close picture of both jerseys, so you can see that it was indeed this years version, complete with 2012 Ottawa All Star Game patches, and not leftover's from last season. This is also from The Sens Store at SBP, as you can see by the Senators home jersey to the left of the blue jersey.

And one more final shot to put it all together. In the shot you can see these were for sale at The Sens Store inside the arena, the jerseys themselves, and the 2012 Ottawa All Star Game patches on the jerseys that confirm the NHL is going with the same jerseys from last years game in Carolina.



boobs said...

meh, kinda lazy... but it's the all star game... this isn't going to make it or break it for me :)

Anonymous said...


nice scoop though Sens Town

Anonymous said...

An All-Star jersey with Alfie on the back, the "C" up front with the Sens patch on the shoulder..what can I say except SOLD!