Monday, December 12, 2011

And Just Like That, He Was Gone

One of the worst kept secrets in hockey came to fruition this morning, as the enigmatic Nikita Filatov is heading back to Russia to play in the KHL. I'm not going to devote a huge piece to this decision as it will undoubtedly be played out by the time it was up, and let's be honest, there isn't that much to talk about really. We wasted a 3rd round pick on a guy with tremendous upside and it didn't work out. No biggie.

On a personal note, I still don't think he was really given a fair shake here in Ottawa. The organization said all the right things but then only gave him 88:22 of playing time before ending his time in the NHL. Seems kind of pointless and if you ask me, he deserved the ice time as much as Bobby Butler or Stephane Da Costa did.
It should also be noted that the Sens assigned him to the KHL, which means they retain all their rights contractually with Filatov.



Anonymous said...

I think that's Rundblad in the picture, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree, not given much of a chance and should have been given a longer look after his Binghamton stint. Can't criticize him wanting to play in the KHL where he can get about 10x as much cash than he would playing in Bingo.