Monday, December 12, 2011

Anderson's New Bucket

Craig Anderson got a new mask for our heritage jersey setup that shows our history and celebrates our 20th anniversary season. Not yet clear if he is only wearing it with the heritage or this is his full time mask but either way it looks awesome. More pics after the jump.

I absolutely love this side that prominently shows our proud history and features the old school goalie, as well as the cool world champions patch and lists off all of our cups. Very well executed with the 20th anny logo on the chin for the current touch as well.

The same side but on an angle. Every time I see this beauty it looks better and better and reminds me that we need to make the heritage jersey our permanent one starting next year. Even Leafs fans like the heritage jersey.

And finally the back with the usual punisher logo and his name and number. Not sure what the JTA stands for me but I'm gonna guess it say it's the initials for his new child. If anyone knows feel free to send it in.

Overall this is one of the best goalie masks I've ever seen. It's about as close to perfection as you can get if you ask me.



Anonymous said...

Hopefully, he actually plays better in it :)

Anonymous said...

I dig it.
The last design was effin terrible--so even a hiller style would have been an improvement--props to andy & co. for their latest effort.
Question: Doesnt andy have a car on ALL of his masks?
OT: Basia Bulat is pretty great

Anonymous said...

Initials on the back of the mask are his new son (Jake) and that isn't the punisher logo - it's the Corvette racing logo