Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Gratchev Show Diary Entry #1 by Max Gratchev

Welcome to the very first ever entry of The Max Gratchev Show. It's a weekly diary entry of Binghamton Senators player and Ottawa Senators prospect Max Gratchev, as he chronicles the life of a hockey player and gives us an inside look at life as a pro athlete. This inaugural entry in on a Wednesday, but there will be a new entry every Monday after this, starting this Monday. So sit back and enjoy as Max talks about football, the B-Sens, getting new roomies and more through his own words and photos.

Tailgating at Met Life before the Bills-Jets game
It's been a pretty eventful past 2 weeks here in Binghamton. 2 weeks ago we had our rookie party. Me and some of the boys decided to go to the NY Jets game. We left Binghamton at 630am and got to MetLife stadium at about 10am and had burgers and hot dogs until the game. It was alotta fun and it was a great day for us as a team to get to know each other better.

Our view from the seats at Met Life Stadium
The Jets-Bills game was awesome.  We had the grill going and the football was thrown around a bunch.  The game itself was amazing.  I had a bet down on the jets so i was rooting for them.  There was a pretty controversial TD celebration that was aimed towards Plaxico Burress which was all over ESPN the next day. 

Riley Armstrong was the usual great locker room guy, Josh Godfrey got some jets color face paint going but had a Bills jersey on so who knows who he was rooting for and Wacey Hamilton was a little tired and slept through the game but the Jets came out on top in the end.  The trainers made the trip down with us and it was just a great day with all the guys.

Me and Stephane Da Costa eating some home cooking.
After the trip I finally settled down in a house in Binghamton and moved in with Riley Armstrong and Stefan Da Costa. It was nice having our first home cooked meal together after living in a hotel for the first 2 and a half months of the season.
After that we had a good road trip where we played vs Wilkes Barre, Worcester, and Connecticut where we won 2 out of 3 games.  The team has had a lot of injuries lately but everyday were improving and getting better and different guys are stepping up.  On the road trip, Worcester was close to my families home so I got to go home for a few hours and have a home cooked meal which every player enjoys when being away from home for so long.
Last Friday Patrick Wiercoch had a scary injury when a puck hit him in the throat. We all play the game hard but you never want to see another player seriously injured, so our prayers have been with Patty since the injury and everyone can't wait to have him back in the locker room.
I also Suffered an injury last game and am out for a bit with a high ankle sprain. So I'm going throw the ice back on my ankle and I'll have an update next week.


Thoughts on the first entry from Max? And remember to come back on Monday for the next entry.



tc13baby said...

max is a great player and a good kid, this is gonna be good for him and for hockey itself, i love reading about the players especially someone who is trying to make it

Brittany Fortin said...

max gratchev is very good at hockey and he's very, very, very cute! I LOVE MAX! when he gets called up this year i'm going to go to his first game with all of my friends WE ALL LOVE HIM!!!

ElmJackalsFn said...

Get better soon, Max! We miss seeing your hustle in Elmira, but are wishing you much success with the BSens.