Monday, December 19, 2011

The Gratchev Show: Diary Entry #2

Max and Santa
Welcome to the 2nd diary entry from Sens prospect Max Gratchev. It is the first one on it's regularly scheduled day after the inaugural entry was on a Wednesday last week. If you missed it click here and enjoy. It got a lot of very positive feedback and praise for Max. It's very cool of him to grant us access to his hockey life and personal life during the season, but also very fascinating. So enjoy entry #2 as Max speaks on Christmas parties, Filatov, another new roomie and more. As always, all the words and pictures are from Max himself.

Some of the B-Sens singing at the Christmas party
With our 4 day christmas break coming up, this week went by pretty quick. Tuesday the team traveled down to Wilkes-Barre and ended up with a 4-2 loss. The injured crew didn't make the trip down, so I had just followed the progress of the game online and hung out. Wednesday was a practice day and later in the evening we had a booster club christmas party.  It was a nice event especially when some of the first year guys had gone up and sang "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer."

Stefan Da Costa and I lost a roommate on thursday when Riley Armstrong headed back to Elmira but it made room for Brian Stewart so it ended up being a pretty fair trade.  One good guy out and another one brought in.  Also Nikita Filatov had left to russia early this week.  I had talked to him last when he landed in Moscow and haven't since.  We had talked about leaving and an opportunity with CSKA in the KHL but I haven't talked to him since then so I'm not sure about the situation there but it's always sad to see a friend and teammate leave.

Practice at BCC
Thursday the team skated down at Broome Community College because of a Kenny Rogers concert at the rink. The weekend kicked off with 3 games in 3 nights. Friday we won 3-1 at home vs Adirondack. It was a great game and was a well deserved and much needed win. Saturday was a 5-2 loss to Worcester and yesterday the guys traveled to Adirondack and ended up winning 4-1, which made it a great weekend.

Its been tough watching games and practices and hanging back while the teams on the road, but injuries are part of the game and I'm hoping to be able to get on the ice sometime this week. I'm heading back to Boston after the game Wednesday to spend a few days with my family and friends and I'll be back in Binghamton on the 25th. So I'll check back in next monday and update about a few days in binghamton and a few holiday days at home.


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Anonymous said...

great post! I love seeing players blogging like this. Funny that he spelled Stephane Da Costa's name wrong too haha, nice roomate eh?