Monday, December 26, 2011

The Gratchev Show: Diary Entry #3

traffic on Newbury Street
It was quite the week we had here, with a few games and a few days off for the holidays. On Monday night we had a team dinner at restaurant number 5. Binghamton isn't that big of a place, so there's only a few good restaurants and in my opinion number 5 is the best by far, so it was nice to have the whole organization together.

Tuesday was just a practice day and I still had to skate with the injured group.  Everyone traveled to Albany for the game on Wednesday.  It was a tough game and the last one before the holiday break always is but it's an important one. It was a good effort but the team lost 0-3 to Albany. After the game Stephane Da Costa and I drove to Boston and he went on to New Hampshire so we were both home for the holidays.

Thursday I had to get on the ice at home to keep my ankle conditioned. That night I just had a nice dinner in the north end of Boston at a place called Damiano's, which had amazing Italian food. Friday I did all my last minute Christmas shopping down on Newbury Street in the city. Newbury Street. is famous for its restaurants and shops. Friday night I skated with kids at my fathers hockey school in Somerville, MA. They had a holiday father/son game so I jumped out and it was nice to see how happy the kids were to have there dads out there playing with them.  Saturday was a rest day for me I didn't do much except buy a new suit and jacket.

our Christmas tree
My two younger sisters, Gabrielle and Alexandra are 14 and 16 years old, so we spend Christmas together every year. This Christmas was no different. We just got up Sunday and I ran out because I had forgotten a few Christmas cards. Grabbed those last minute and we had just opened presents all day and it was just a great day. Finally I had to drive back to Binghamton later in the day and the holidays were over.

I am practicing with the team on Tuesday and hopefully will be fully recovered by Friday. I'll let everyone know my progress next Monday.

Happy holidays


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