Friday, December 16, 2011

New Scoreboard Official: Coming Dec 27th

Merry Christmas Sens fan. The gift you have long been waiting for is finally coming, as it was announced earlier this evening that the new scoreboard will be ready in time for the December 27th game against Montreal. The final product is in the background and looks nearly identical to the pictures I posted months ago when I broke the story exclusively. There will be a comparison post coming soon and if you are interested in the actual specs of the new screen, all the info will be after the jump on this post.

Features of the new scoreboard:
  • It cost 5 million dollars
  • It was a joint project between the Sens, Bell and Panasonic
  • It will have 4 sides HD screens
  • It will also have 2 LED rings
  • The new HD screens will be 331 square feet each, instead of the 75 square feet each one is now
  • There will be 2,170 square feet of total screen viewing. They currently have 300 square feet only
  • It's the largest scoreboard that is possible to hang up at SBP


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