Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sens Acquire Kyle Turris For David Rundblad + 2nd

The Senators have made a trade for the 2007 3rd overall pick in Kyle Turris from Phoenix in exchange for David Rundblad and a 2012 2nd round pick. In my opinion, not a very good deal. Turris has hardly lived up his hype, only ever having 25 points in a season and 30 games is a little quick to give up on Rundblad, who was one of the biggest prospects in the world heading into the season. Plus we gave up a 2nd as well? Not a fan. Didn't we just learn this lesson with Filatov?

At least he's excited to be here. Then again he had more than worn out his welcome in Phoenix. So if you're counting at home, him being excited about the deal makes one of us.

Here's Murray explaining himself. Take out the name Turris and insert Filatov and isn't it the exact same situation?