Monday, January 31, 2011

Butler Named MVP

Binghamton Senator Bobby Butler was named MVP of the AHL All Star Game tonight with 1 goal and 3 assists. Congrats goes out to Bobby on the honor.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Behind The Times

Now I don't want to go off on a rant here, but as time goes by, certain things go from anomaly to standard. Things like air conditioning, power windows or a cd player even, used to be impressive, yet now we'd laugh if our car didn't include those features. Well the Ottawa Senators aren't quite something to laugh at yet (at least off the ice, sort of), but if they don't pick it up soon, they will be left behind with those things that are terribly out of date, like the arena in Long Island for example.

I wrote that mediocore analogy to say this, how come the Senators aren't taking advantage of social media the way they should be to market the team, the players and let us know about promotions and events they offer? It just seems weird in 2011 that the only official Sens related twitter account in @NHL_Sens and it is only pushing stats and stories already found on their website, which is boring and cheesy for the most part.

If there was ever a time for the Senators organization to be bold, the time would be now. It's no secret that our games are pretty awful to watch at the moment, with very little goal scoring, very slow skaters and a very small chance to win. Hell, most of us are not content with not being blown out, which goes to show how far the Sens have gone downhill. If you didn't have tickets already, there really is no compelling reason to plunk down some cash to purchase tickets the rest of the season, unless we're going back to the days of marketing the visiting teams. So my question is really what do they have to lose?

Now I know that the Senators probably can't force any player to join Twitter, but they should be nudging them along to do so, to create whatever buzz they can. The fans who support the team love to feel as close to the players as possible, so what better way than Twitter, where they could let us know a bit of what happens behind the scenes, in the locker room, on road trips and small glimpses into their personal lives. It's win-win. The teams gets free promotion and the players can plug their appearances, chairty work etc, and make their name more recognizable. Just look at how big 4th liner and often healthy scratch Paul Bissonette has become. He has over 38,000 followers because he lets them into the hockey life and has the balls to be un-PC, which is abundantly lacking in NHL circles.

Not convinced? Even a fake Daniel Alfredsson profile has managed to acquire 541 followers and they haven't tweeted since July 1st. Twitter has become an increasingly powerful tool, and it would be foolish for the Senators not to take full advantage of it. The best part is it wouldn't cost them a thing either, because Twitter is of course free, but could yield big dividends for them. Wouldn't the Sens prefer an extra 500 or 1000 or 10,000+ eyeballs on their players, team, merchandise etc? It just makes too much practical sense, which probably explains why despite it being around for years, it being completely free, and that millions of people use it, that the Senators are still late arriving to the party

The majority of fans that email me, tweet me or talk to me, usually tell me the same thing. You may be surprised to find out that most fans don't even go on TSN or Sportsnet or The Sun or Citizen's site anymore to get their hockey fix. Many come to Sens Town everyday, or other respected bloggers that cover the Sens. And usually they tell me that the official Sens site is their last destination, and many just don't go at all anymore because they just feel it's too boring, too pre-planned, too cheesy and just not updated enough. Things are a changing and Twitter would be the perfect way to get a hold of a new, younger generation who check Facebook and Twitter about 100 times a day.

I was skeptical about Twitter myself when I joined a year and a bit ago, but now I see that it's a very valuable tool in promoting your work, interacting with readers and making connections in the sports journalism world. It allows you access in a way that nothing else can possibly offer. If I can see that, how come the Senators can't?

The Twitterverse has something for everyone, except a Sens player. Star players like Matt Duchene and Bobby Ryan have twitter, as does Dustin Brown, captain of my west coast team, the LA Kings. Pretty much every single media member from Bob McKenzie, to one of my personal favorite's in James Duthie also have it. Need some more proof? Sens PA announcer Stuntman Stu has it, so does your in game announcer Kimberly. Do you like the way games are run entertainment wise? Whether you do or you don't, you can tweet the Sens DJ and head of in game entertainment in Glen Gower. Ironically even the head PR guy for the Sens, Phil Legault is on Twitter, though he mostly keeps it to his opinion of restaurants.

Had enough? Well too bad. Queen of sarcasm and stirring shit up, Erin Nicks should be a fixture on your twitter. Tired of the usually boring Sens coverage in the papers? Don't be bored anymore, try following some other excellent bloggers in The 6th Sens, Sens Chirp and Silver Seven, they're all on there too.

My point is everyone gets the positives that Twitter brings to the table. The bar is set low right now, and many season ticket holders are either not renewing, or on the fence about it, and disaster may strike in 2011-12 attendance wise. It's time to take some chances, grow some balls and operate this franchise like the multi-million dollar company it is. This isn't amateur hour. Well it shouldn't be at least, though more often than not, I feel that way about the Ottawa Senators organization. And trust me when I say, I wish it was not that way. They need big changes and this would be one small step to close the gap between fans and the organization.

Let's hope the Sens wake up and get someone on Twitter in the near future. Let's hope we can start a campaign to get a player or an executive to join.

Thoughts on the Twitterless Sens?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

ASG Wrap Up

So the 2011 all star game is now over, and Ottawa is up next year, so time to wrap up the weekend as it pertained for the Senators. To be honest, there wasn't much action for young Erik, as he may as well been almost invisible this weekend.

On Friday he was picked last amongst defenceman, on Saturday all he did in the skills competition was make a few one timer passes to Zdeno Chara and giggle about everything Daniel Sedin said to him, though he did score a pretty sick shootout goal before not getting a shot off in round 2. And today during the actual game, he had zero goals, zero assists, good for zero points and an even +/- in 20 mins of ice time.

Basically he was invisible, but still a good experience for the youngster, even if he didn't get to suit up next to his idol in Lidstrom. Don't worry, he will get his chance to play against him on Wednesday when Detroit plays at SBP.

Thoughts on Karlsson's ASG weekend?

UPDATE @8:12pm - The weekend was not a total loss as young Erik got some pub as the picture for Deadspin's ASG coverage open thread.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

1920 Nostalgia

This is a really cool retro piece of Sens history I came across recently. It's an original program from the 1920 Stanley Cup Finals between our Ottawa Senators and the Seattle Metropolitans, who played in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. The Sens of course, went on to win the best of 5 series 3 games to 2.



Friday, January 28, 2011

Karlsson To Team Staal

Well the All Star Game draft was tonight and our very owbn Erik Karlsson went27th overall, the last defenceman picked as expected, selected by team Staal. That means he went to the team who will be sporting the white and red team jerseys, the only one's the Sens were selling. As I mentioned the other day it's a bit fishy, but nothing crazy. Just getting my conspiracy theory on.

Just before the draft took place, young Karlsson gave an interview. To see what he had to say click here.

As many had joked since the format was announced, Phil Kessel of the Leafs went last overall, but was rewarded by the NHL with a 20g charity donation in his name, as well as a new Honda car. Since when do we reward losing? Except when Bryan Murray is handing out contracts that is.

Thoughts on the night?

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Bizness: All Star Friday Style

-First off, that picture above is from last night's New York Knicks vs Miami Heat game from Madison Square Garden in NYC. So we now know what Fisherwood got up to on the all star break. While introducing all the celebs at the game on the tv broadcast, such as A-listers Woody Allen, Donald Trump, Spike Lee and Alicia Keys, they had to say Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher, who plays for the NHL's Ottawa Senators. So I guess he isn't too big time yet, since otherwise people were wondering who the hell he is. Knocked down a peg or two, get used to it Mike, to most you'all always just be here +1. Plus doesn't she look really happy and impressed in that pic? Not quite right.

-In notalgic news, Marshy's has finally shut its doors for good. The former staple at SBP, owned by former Sen Brad Marsh, is closing it's only location at Centerpointe in Nepean. If you recall, it left SBP when Bert's moved in and has been struggling for some time.

-This is a pretty cool picture from the All Star Game in Raleigh, courtesy of Bruins reporter Joe Haggerty.

-More on the Jeffrey Simpon-gate, this time it's an audio interview. Scroll down to One Sens Fans Revolt.

-Former Sen Martin Havlat was named as a replacement for the ASG. Shoutout to Mach 9, who remains a bit of a fan favorite in Ottawa still.

-Where will Erik Karlsson be picked tonight in the draft? My guess is around pick 14 overall. His style suits the All Star Game type of play.

-Speaking of young Karlsson, here's a video of him talking about making the trip to Raleigh. And a piece about him being excited to finally meet his hero for the first time, in Lidstrom, who he then plays against on Wednesday on SBP.

Thoughts on todays Bizness?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drink Up

How bad are things for Sens fan? It appears that one fan is willing to trade a jersey (albeit it an old one) and an Alfie 1000th game tee for a bottle of Candian Club Whisky (click on the pic to enlarge). I can't really blame someone for wanting to get drunk given the way we play if I'm being honest.

They say that drinking will help you forget your problems, but I think we're gonna need a lot more booze than a 26oz to wipe this season from our memories.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ottawans Are Liars & The Bizness

First off, its come to my attention that Puck Daddy uses the What We Learned as a title when talking about news of the day, so I'm going to switch mine out and it will be known from now on as The Bizness. With that being said, here's the bizness for today.

-What did this CTV poll (pictured above) prove you ask? That 30% of Ottawans are liars.

-Hear those trade winds blowing? I hear Spezza may blow west, all the way to my west coast team in the city of Angels.

-The Sens are big time, as they made comedic news site The Onion. It's a good, quick laugh.

-In some shocking news, Binghamton Senator Jason Bailey is suing the Anaheim Ducks organization for anti-semitic abuse.

-Not sure why, but the 2 smaller scorebaords at the end of each side of SBP that show the out of town scores have been out of commission for over a month now. Also, one of the electronic boards was covered up last night. I'm not sure why but it looks better.

-Yesterday was also Jared Cowen's 20th birthday, so shoutout to one of the future Sens.

-An awesome letter to the Sens from Globe & Mail writer Jeffrey Simpson via The 6th Sens.

-At the Sens Store last night at the game, they were selling red all star jerseys but not blue. Do they know something we don't about where Erik Karlsson will be playing on Sunday?

-And finally, this has nothing to do with hockey, but it's just a beautifully filmed video tour of NYC.

Thoughts on today's bizness?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Inevitable Conclusion

The Sens looked decent tonight at time, while at others showed why they are near the bottom of the standings. They came out strong taking an early 1-0 lead in the first 10 minutes, only to sqaunder it away, while being outshot and more importantly outscored. They made a comeback to tie it at 2's thanks to a fortunate no call by the refs, but their sloppy play in OT cost them yet again, this time a 3-2 OT loss. I wasn't even surprised, it was the only outcome I could envision
befalling us. At least we got a point, although that doesn't help our draft prospects does it.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Congrats to Brian Elliott for loss #11 in a row.
  • Congrats to the Sens in game entertainment staff who incorrectly spelt Jared Cowen's name as Jarod on SBP's "big" screen. Sigh.
  • Chris Kelly is our best player, crazy but true. Nice goal tonight as well.
  • Alfie is visibly losing it in front of us, not pretty to watch.
  • Does Foligno have more than one move or his he stuck on repeat?
  • Unlucky for Kovalev to take a puck to the eye, then again how could it possibly make him worse.
  • What happened to Bobby Butler? Didn't notice him after the 2nd. He's not an NHLer to me.
  • Attendance was 18,990.

With one goal and an all around solid game, Chris Kelly wins the night.

Thoughts on the OT loss?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GDP #50: Sens V Sabres

The Sens play their last game before the all star break tonight, as they take on the rival Buffalo Sabres at SBP, hoping to simply not be blown out, hopefully. The real news around Ottawa is the oblivious nature of Melnyk and Murray, who seem to have no fingers on the Sens fans collective pulse. They keep spreading this sunshine and lollipop BS when we all know it's gloom and doom. Don't piss on us and tell us it's rain to be more eloquent.

Anyways on to the game, where Ryan Miller will make his 26th straight start for Buffalo, wow! Imagine how bad they'd be without him. We also get some good news in the form of Sens killer and all around pest Derek Roy is a injured scratch tonight.

In other happy news, Filip Kuba will be a healthy scratch tonight. Don't worry, that joy didn't last long when I found out Elliott will start, going for his 11th straight loss. If that wasn't enough to make you sad on this frigid night, Bobby Butler will play on the first line, oh and so will Mike Fisher. Ladies and gentlemen your 2010-11 Senators. Sigh. Also Jarkko Ruutu is a healthy scratch tonight.

Here are the projected lines tonight:
  • Michalek-Fisher-Butler
  • Foligno-Kelly-Alfredsson
  • Shannon-Regin-Kovalev
  • Smith-Winchester-Neil

Prediction: This is actually a winnable game for the Sens after a pair of stinkers, but can they manufacture enough scoring to beat Ryan Miller? Who knows. They have to break the losing skid sometime, just won't be tonight. Buffalo wins 3-1 in another ugly, boring game.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Senator

If you haven't been paying attention to the NHL's Guardian Project, no one would really blame you. It's hardly what you would call a can't miss. If you don't know what it is, it's something the NHL hired comic legend Stan Lee to create to help get the league some buzz,but surprise surprise it isn't working.

The goal of the project was to create a superhero for each one of the 30 NHL teams. So far 24 have been revealed, with the Sens being the latest. They went with the ever original nickname of "the Senator" (no one has ever accused the NHL of being too edgy) and is it me, or is he basically a cartoon character version of this guy, a low moment in our franchise that we are still mocked for today. And for some reason, his glowing weapon reminded me of this.

Not impressed yet? Well then how about a gander at The Senator's bio, which in itself is unintentional comedic gold. He sold himself into slavery? Um what? He loves action and couldn't live without risk? Oh i get it, they're making fun of us right, or Stan Lee doesn't have a TV. It's probably a bit of both. If that doesn't have you keeling over and laughing, check the accompanying video they released and it should put you over the top. The only thing missing to me is a fastened seatbelt.

In the end, what was the point of this really? Has anyone liked this, because all I've seen is other people making fun of them all, like the Leafs character who is a tree, which prompted the joke, if you cut him open to see the rings inside, it stops at 67. Funny yes, but hardly what the NHL set out to achieve and seems very forced, lazy and pointless. At least we can't blame the Sens for this one.

To see the rest of the superhero's click here.

Thoughts on the Senator?

Monday, January 24, 2011

What We Learned Today

It was a semi big day here in Ottawa, as Eugene Melnyk gave his first interview it what seems like forever. He's calling for a one year rebuild? Someone might wanna check him into a mental health centre with the way he's been acting the past little while. Nevertheless, here are some things that we found out today.

-Daniel Alfredsson will NOT be traded. He will retire as a Senator player.

-If you want to listen to the Murray and Melnyk interviews, you may do so by clicking here and here.

-Mike Fisher does not have a no movement clause as most seem to believe. He does however have a limited no trade clause, which means he may submit a list of 5 teams he will not accept a trade to. So there's hope we might be able to move him.

-Jason Spezza skated with the team for the first time in several weeks right now.

-Bryan Murray will stay on with the Sens after this season as a senior consultant.

Thoughts on the happenings of the day?

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Cory Clouston Looks Like The Saddest Man In Ottawa Links

To say things aren't exactly going well for the Sens or Cory Clouston right now would be quite the understatement. Is it me or does he look like he's thinking of a kitten dying every time they show him behind the bench. He looks tired and fed up, like he's tried absoultely everything possible to no avail. I actually feel bad for the guy. He looks run down, yet doesn't have the NHL resume to be able to afford to quit his job. With that said, we all need a little cheering up, so thought it's been 2 months, here is the latest edition of the links. Happy Monday.

-Speaking of where things started to go wrong for the Sens, you could pretty much pinpoint it to the decision to choose Redden or Zdeno Chara. Here's what superstar Wade is up to these days.

-An awesome little piece on the Canucks visit to Ottawa for rememberance day.

-Everyone in Sens Army is hoping that prospect Robin Lehner turns out to be our first franchise goalie. Here's a detailed look at his new mask.

-It's a little bit of old news now, but Sens Town's Heatley Photo Diary was featured on Yahoo's Puck Daddy.

-Did you like the Winter Classic? Sens prospect Jared Cowen played in his own outdoor game recently in the WHL.

-Since we're in desperate need of a goalie, perhaps we should bring back Ray Emery? I can't see it happening but he is getting healthy and wants to make a comeback.

-There's a new review out on SBP and I have to say it's a little bit overrated.

-Really touching video about the Foligno's from the World Jr's.

-I have to say this is kinda funny and lame......and I want a Sens version at the same time.

-I don't like the Maple Leafs or the Habs, so this is really entertaining of course.

-The Score decided to make a video about the top 10 jersey fouls. Of course I've been on that tip for quite awhile, so they had to jack some of my pictures. See #5.

-I couldn't co-sign this statement anymore, excellent point made.

-This is one of the coolest and saddest stories of the hockey year.

-I don't know how his hockey skills are, but at least he would provide some entertainment at SBP during this dark time.

-What went wrong to have us where we are? Wayne Scanlan has some thoughts.

-Binghamton Senators player Kaspars Daugavins won Puck Daddy's goal of the year.

-Sens Town gets some love from the Team 1200 too in this video hating on Heatley.

-Anaheim resident and Ducks player Joffrey Lupol doesn't think much about our traffic issues. Then again I don't think much about the name Joffrey.

-I'm not sure how I missed this exactly, but it is awesome. Seinfeld and the Sens = money.

-Well at least the Sens managed to do some good this year, about 360k worth, which is impressive for one night's work.

-What does Marty Tuco think of a guy rumored to be in the running for our GM job? Not much apparently in this hilarious clip.

Thoughts on the links?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clouston And Murray To Finish Season

“At this time, it makes no sense to make managerial or coaching changes, we’ll let the season play itself out and look forward to building for the future.” - Eugene Melnyk

Yes, if you can believe it, Murray and Clouston will finish the season according to an interview by Bruce Garrioch. Cory Clouston I could see, but Bryan Murray? If you're going to let him go ahead and handle the trade deadline, you might as well sign him to an extension right now. If that happens, I will lose it.

I imagine this is not that answer most Sens fans were hoping for, and will have an impact on their already dwindling ticket sales/renewals/enthusiasm for the team. I for one am quite disappointed that Melnyk is choosing to maintain with what we have, when what we have is clearly not working by every measuring stick there is.

Just another low in a season of lows unfortunately. Will we ever get good news?

Thoughts on Clouston and Murray keeping their jobs until the end of the season?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can We Trade Garrioch Too?

I don't want to get off on a rant here, but if you're a regular reader, you all know how I feel about the reporting quality at the Ottawa Sun by now. I find their standards to be a bit of a joke and I'm hardly alone if you search any message board or their own comments section after their "articles" for that matter. I suppose some of it is out of jealousy and I'm willing to admit it. I am jealous that people who basically do lazy, uninspired work and have zero journalitsic integrity get to travel with the team and do it for a living, when someone like me does it out of love and does a better job if you ask me.

And it's not just me, there are several other Sens bloggers who cover the Sens a lot better than the Sun does. When was the last time you read an actual think piece about the Sens in the Sun, instead of some little wrap up of a couple of paragraphs that was written in 5 minutes? It's been a long time, so long I can't even remember.

I say all that to say this. It's one thing to be comfortable and in a routine and write the same tired pieces day after day, but it's another to be scooped by bloggers when you're job is to get it first. That's why I was bothered/pissed off about the new jersey report I saw on Thursday.

If you recall on Monday, I wrote this piece, telling you how the Senators would be getting new jerseys next season. I was fairly proud to get a mini exclusive and just be on top of the news, and then on Thursday I saw this..

Ok it's one thing to be 3 days behind a blogger, which in itself should be embarassing to a professional publication, but it's another to then only write 3 or 4 sentences about it (they must have been busy with another classicly witty digital faceoff). This isn't some tiny bit of news. I think it's fairly significant that the Sens are A) getting new jerseys and B) alientating some fans who just purchased that current 3rd jersey, when we've only had it for such a short amount of time.

The point is if someone who has a full time job has the time to write a few paragraphs on it, you should too. And how is it that I managed to find out about the new jerseys and Malkin to the Kings didn't, when he travels with the team and is around the organization everyday? I'd be embarassed. Then again, if working for the Sun doesn't embarass you already, this will just roll of your back.

That's what happens when your sports editor is Tim Baines, a grown man who loves wrestling and hates on his readers as you might recall. Perhaps this blogger should get a little credit for scooping a major newspaper, because after all, I did it all from my parents basement right?


Friday, January 21, 2011


6-2 last night followed by 7-1 at home tonight. Something has to give.

This is more than embarassing. This is a new low in a season of new lows.

I've run out of adjectives to describe their poor play.

We all know what happened, no point in rehashing it yet again.

I heard this may the last straw for Clouston or Murray or both, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Go have some drinks and pretend it's 2005, I know I'm going to.

-The Mayor

Friday, January 21, 2011

GDP #49: Sens V Habs

The Sens are playing the 2nd game of a back to back tonight, as they take on the division rival Montreal Canadiens at SBP. Is it me or does it seem weird to have such a game on a Friday night instead of a Saturday night?

Either way, it's usually an interesting one when these 2 teams meet up, and with the Habs taking 3 of 4 so far this season, revenge will be on everyone's mind, so we send those annoying Habs fans home with nothing to cheer about.

The big news out of the Sens camp today was that Mike Brodeur would be getting the start tonight, and I have to say that I very much approve. Brian Elliott was horrible again last night and Robin Lehner needs to get the work in the AHL consistently. No need to bring added pressure to the youngster. The Habs will counter with all star Carey Price in net.

The other news is that it is very likely that Alexei Kovalev will return to the lineup tonight to face his former team. I'm not really sure if this is good or bad news, but if L'Artiste wants any sort of deal in the NHL next year, he better have one hell of a 2nd half. And it's always good to have a motivated player on your team, even if he is only motivated for money. Plus he tends to come up big when he plays MTL.

The Sens didn't have a morning skate because they played last night, so we're not really sure what the lineup will be. One would imagine that it would be similar to the last couple of games, sicne we've shown a better effort as of late. No word on if Regin will still sit or if a defenceman will be sitting after dressing 7 the past few. Basically we know nothing, my bad.

Prediction: The Sens have been building for a win the past couple of games with an improved effort, but the goal scoring and goaltending haven't been there. Why would that change with an AHL goalie in net and trying to put them by the Habs all star netminder? Sens put in a good effort, Brodeur plays ok, but Sens lose again 4-2.


Friday, January 21, 2011


Best Sens related picture ever?

Well maybe not the best, but perhaps the most accurate at least, and worth a laugh.

For those of you who didn't see last night's game, it was the usual. Brian Elliott let in a few shaky ones, was out of position for another, and let one very stoppable goal in less than 5 minutes into the game to put us behind the 8 ball from which we never recovered. It's happens so routinely you could almost call it a tradition, almost.

Well folks, last night was Brian Elliott's TENTH loss in a row! Yes TEN! (yes there were a few OT and shootout losses mixed in but so what, a loss is a loss) Let that marinate in your head for a second please. What other goalie would keep getting starts after losing 10 straight? Especially when said goalie has zero all star appearances, zero vezinas and zero stanley cups. It's insane.

I think it's safe to say that Brian Elliott has played himself out of the NHL this season. He should enjoy his last 34 games this year, because it's doubtful he will be in the league next year in any capacity.

Fear not, tomorrow against the Habs we will have a new goalie in net I'm told, so will it be Lehner or Brodeur? At this time we don't know, but we do know is sometimes change is needed for the sake of change, this is the definition of one of those times.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Entertaining L

For those of you who watched this game, it was proof that you can lose and still have an interesting and entertaining game. For those that didn't, you missed out on a 2nd consecutive solid game. We all had fun, scored a few and kept up our prime draft position spot. All in all not a bad nights work right?

The Flyers lept out to a 3-0 lead, before the Sens rallied back to make it 3-2 before the end of the 2nd period. They headed into the 3rd with some hope, before letting up 3 to make it a 6-2 final. Most shouldn't really be surprised as Philly is the league's top team points wise. I predicted a 5-2 L in the GDP, but 6-2 is close enough.

The game turned very chippy in the 3rd and produced numerous fights, sort of in the mold of the infamous March 5th, 2004 game between the two teams that produced an NHL record for PIM's. Not quite as crazy as that one, but it had it's moments and you know what, it was entertaining as hell.

Sens played hard, Sens were entertaining, Sens lost = a win for draft position. I couldn't have asked for much more tonight. Sometimes a loss is as good as win, tonight is that time.

Thoughts from the game:

  • Brian Elliott is awful. I hope he enjoys is last 34 games as an NHLer. He won't be back next year. Every game he lets in a few horrible goals. Tonight was his TENTH loss in a row.

  • The refs were subpar tonight. They missed several questionable hits that should have been Sens pp's.

  • Michalek scored again. His speed is returning. Things are looking promsing for him.

  • Foligno had sme nice hands on that 2nd goal, nice to see him be rewarded.

  • Shannon trying to fight was commendable.

  • If Briere is going to use his stick as a weapon and slash people, he needs to step up and be a man when he's challenged to a fight, especially when it was 5'9 Ryan Shannon asking him.

  • When did Philly become such pansies? Shelley embarassed himself by walking away from Carkner tonight, which Carkner blamed for the ensuing foolishness that amrred the last 6mins.

  • Zack Smith was all over the ice tonight causing trouble, I loved it.

  • It was funny hearing Denis Potvin say it was a cheap shot and he lost respect for Girouz after he tried to hit Winchester. It wasn't a cheap shot and since when can you not hit someone? I would have lost some respect for Potvin if I had any to lose, he's horrible at his job and has to go.

With one goal and one fight, Nick Foligno wins the night.

Thoughts on the game?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

GDP #48: Sens @ Philly

As if the Sens didn't have enough problems on their plate already, tonight they are in Philadelphia to take on the league's best team. Great. The good news is that the Sens are perhaps coming off one of their best efforts of the season, a 2-1 loss to Anaheim on Tuesday at SBP. Hopefully it's something to build on tonight.

No lineup changes from Tuesday, which means we will be going with only 11 forwards again, as Peter Regin is a healthy scratch for the 2nd straight game. That also means we will be going with 7 defenceman again tonight, which is a bit odd but obviously a message to Regin.

In goal, Brian Elliott gets the start, going for his 10th loss in a row, which is very likely playing the Flyers on the road. Just think better draft pick, just think better draft pick.

Prediction: The Flyers are clearly one of the NHl's elite teams and can play any number of styles with all the talent they have. They're what we hope to be in a couple of years, after all, they were last overall just a few seasons ago and went with a quick on the fly rebuild and now look at them. Unless Brian Elliott stands on his head, or the Sens break out with another 6 goal game, I can't see how we have a chance tonight. I'll be happy not being blown out. Philly wins 5-2.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Caption This: Sens V Habs Ticket Conest

Someone just gave me a pair of 200 level seats to give away for the Sens/Habs game on Friday the 21st to a lucky reader. These are basically the most valuable Sens tickets there are, so I thought I'd hook up my loyal citizens. So the game is easy, well all know Habs fans are annoying, so simply caption this photo. Best one wins the pair.......send emails to

Winner will be notified by noon on Friday, so you have time to make arrangements. So don't sleep and miss out. Let's go.

-The Mayor

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Plan A

Thanks to a reader who sent this in to me, we now have a look at the original plans of the NHL for the 2011 All Star Game in Carolina. It appears that before Brendan Shannahan decided to have the captains pick the team, they were going to go on with the east and west as per usual. This in an earlier version of the jersey, that as you can see, had either east or west under the numbers, yet the final product has neither.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Even When We're Good We're Bad

Finally the effort was there for the Sens, who played their most complete game in forever against Anaheim, but once again, they didn't get it done and lost in a shootout 2-1. In what's becoming an embarassing habit, the Sens failed to score in the shootout again, which is becoming all too familiar lately. It's nice to play well, but in the end, results matter and we didn't get the W.

There were however, many positives to take away. This is the type of game I am talking about the fans being ok with it. Though it would have been nice to lose 4-3, instead of 2-1, at least it was a fairly entertaining game and the Sens played hard tonight. The fans go home entertained and the Sens don't gain much ground on a worse draft pick. Win-win. The only problem is that even when almost everything goes right for us, and the Ducks are a tired bunch, we still can't manage to capitalize, which is the sign if a bad team. Oh well, on to the next

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Brian Elliott played pretty well, making a few big saves. Much better than usual.
  • Unfortunately for him, Jonas Hiller stole the show, recording 39 saves & shutting us out in the shootout. He should be a Vezina finalist.
  • Michalek sure has most of his speed back the last few games. Maybe he just needed to have his knee get adjusted properly. Makes a huge difference.
  • Bobby Butler was decent in his call up, but didn't score when he got the chance.
  • Carkner/Parros was a nice tilt.
  • Nick Foligno's grandma is awesome. She has more passion than 95% of us.
  • Corey Perry's goal was highlight reel. Great effort.
  • If 40 year old Teemu Selanne would be our leading scorer, there's no excuse for some of our vets who are underperforming.
  • Fisher scored again, he's also playing better lately.
  • Kuba played very well, for him. Which means he didn't fuck up hardcore for one game, but I'll take it at this point.
  • The never scoring in a shootout thing has got to be fixed. It's brutal.
  • Brian Lee played solidly again. I've been very impressed with him lately.
  • Alfie is really starting to show his age. It's sad.
  • If only you won the game by missing the net from within 5 feet, the Sens would be killin the league.

With the lone goal, Mike Fisher wins the night.

Thoughts on the game?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Carkner Vs Parros

Possibly the lone highlight from tonight's game, the Matt Carkner versus Princeton grad George Parros and his awesome mustache. Parros may look funny, but he's no joke. He's one of the NHL's best heavyweights. The decision goes to Carkner tonight, who is knocking off all the top fighters one by one.

Thoughts on the fight?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GDP #47: Sens V Mighty Ducks

Welcome to game 3 of the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals, with the Sens down two games to none, this is a must win for Ottawa. It's hard to imagine that was only 4 short years ago, especially when you see the state of our team in the present. Either way, the Sens and Ducks will forever be linked by Ottawa fans, and we will forever argue that if there wasn't such a huge delay in starting the SCF, that we clearly would have be the champs. You can't convince me otherwise.

Now on to tonight's game. The Ducks are without Getzlaf, one of my favorite players in the NHL, but they are still a formidable team. Jonas Hiller has become a top flight goalie and has the best goalie mask in the league by far. He starts tonight. Interesting fact courtesy of Ian Mendes, the Sens have lost 4 in a row at SBP. They have not lost 5 in a row since 1997. I think we may have a new streak on our hands.

For the Sens, same old same old, as the player carousel continues. Bobby Butler has been called up to fill Corey Locke's spot on the Bingo player who will not have an impact on the game position. Also, Peter Regin will be a healthy scratch tonight, which isn't surprising given his well documented struggles this season, including my piece from last week. The rumor going around is that a defenceman will be playing a forward spot on the 4th line tonight because of the Regin scratch. I've heard it will be Matt Carkner.

Brian Elliott gets the start in net, going for his NINTH straight loss. I can definitely see why he keeps getting the nod.

Local Flavor: Tonight marks the return of "The Expert" in Andy Sutton. You will recall he only played less than half a season with the Sens, but made a significant impact with his vicious hits and his legendary quote. Also, Nick Foligno's dad Mike, is an Asst Coach for the Ducks.

Prediction: The Sens are in tough tonight and given the way they've been playing, my main goal is to not be embarassed in most games these days. The Sens have trouble scoring and are facing a good netminder, which isn't good. Look for Corey Perry amd Bobby Ryan to have a big games for Anaheim tonight. The Sens lose in an ugly affair 4-1. Just remember that draft pick come June.


Monday, January 17, 2011

New Jerseys ARE Coming

For all of you who dislike the current 3rd SENS jersey, hope may be coming. I've been hearing for awhile now (check the bottom of this post as I hinted about it) that the Sens will get a new jersey next season, but declined to post it because it was strictly a rumor, and you know I don't just post anything to get hits. But now it is being substantiated by the leading hockey jersey site in (scroll down to Ottawa) that a new jersey may be coming as well.

They appear to have heard the same thing I've been told by someone in the Sens organization, that the new jersey will feature the vintage O look that so many of us have wanted. My source was unable to tell me what the finish design would look like, probably becauses he/she doesn't even know yet, but I have been told that it will definitely be an O jersey, which is consistent with the Icethetics asessement. One thing is sure and that's that we will be saying goodbye to our current 3rd's and we WILL 100% be getting a new jersey next season I can confirm. I'd prefer going back to the barberpole's like Binghamton did last week, but I know many aren't in favor of that somehow.

This is bittersweet news to me. On one hand, we will finally be going back to our roots and getting a really nice looking jersey, but on the other hand, the Sens are taking a dump on all the fans who bought the current third's only a few short years ago. Seems about right.

If you need any more proof, the Sens 3rd's are on clearance at the Sens Store right now, trying to move them before it becomes official no doubt. It would be nice if we could have some continuity for once as an organization, and foster some sort of tradition, like keeping our jerseys for more than a few years at a time before moving on to the next fad.

If you recall, this isn't the first time such a jersey has come up, so read the interview of the creator of it here for some retro Sens Town.

Thoughts on the the Sens getting new jerseys?


Monday, January 17, 2011

Jersey Foul 83

Why do the weirdest JF's always happen with fans right on the glass? It seems to be a common theme. Anyways, all you younger Sens fans might be wondering who the hell Neckar is, but us OG fans remember him well. He was a key member of some of our early teams, playing 198 games for the Sens before we traded him for superstar Bill Berg. With the fit of that jersey, perhaps it's Stanislav himself, who put on a few lbs after his playing days? Afterall, that jersey is fitting kinda snug.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sens Are The Caps Slumpbusters

For the 2nd time in less than a month, the Caps were riding a losing streak, and just like the first time around, the Sens were all too happy to roll over and let them take the 2 points. It's not so much that I expected the Sens to win, because I didn't. In the GDP I predicted a 5-2 Caps win, it's just how the Sens lose is what's disheartening. They were playing a decent game after jumping out to an early 1-0 lead courtesy of Mike Fisher, before coming unglued in the 3rd perioud, surrending 3 unanswered for a 3-1 loss. Not really surprising, more like expected wasn't it? Now we await the Getzlaf-less Anaheim Ducks on Tuesday at SBP, with a re-build becoming more and more necessary.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Tonight was Brian Elliott's 8th loss in a row. Not saying they were all his fault, but enough were. Goaltending needs a fresh start next year in my opinion. He's proven he isn't good enough.
  • Only 1 goal again, our scoring has gone from pathetic to New Jersey-ish.
  • I don't care what it costs, I'm tired of seeing Kuba be lazy and make stupid play after stupid play. Get rid of him and now.
  • Penalties cost us again. Seems to be an ongoing theme doesn't it?
  • I have to think if Clouston hasn't been fired yet, he won't be until the year is done.
  • Campoli looked a little better after being a healthy scratch last game.
  • Phillips is lowering his trade value with every game he plays. can we sit him until Feb 28th?
  • Those of you who wanted Corey Locke to get a chance can now zip it. He has been invisible and he will be back in Bingo soon. He isn't good enough, sorry.

With the lone goal, Mike Fisher wins the afternoon.

Thoughts on the game?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

GDP #46: Sens @ The DMV

It's a Sunday afternoon affair between the NHL's 2 capital cities, as the Sens are in Washington to take on Alexander Ovechkin, the F bombing Bruce Boudreau, the scooter riding Mike Green and the rest of the Capitals. In the last meeting we were nice enough to choke away a lead and give them the win at SBP, breaking their losing streak, and leading to a lot of jersey shore fist pumping (if you watched 24/7 you know what I'm talking about). Let's hope today's outcome is a bit better.

There will be a few changes for the Sens today, as Chris Campoli will re-enter the lineup, though CCC has yet to announce who's coming out. One would think it's likely to be Brian Lee, who in my opinion doesn't deserve to come ot of the lineup. Another possibility is Matt Carkner. Brian Elliott gets the start again, despite not playing well in Friday's loss. Mike Brodeur has been called up from Binghamton to be the backup.

Prediction: Sens have trouble scoring and can't get into a shootout with the high flying Caps. If they can stay out of the box, capitalize on their chances and get solid goaltending, they have a shot, but those are 3 big if's. Capitals take it to us and win 5-2.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Time Flies

If you can believe it, today marks the 15th anniversary of the opening of The Palladium/Corel Centre/Scotiabank Place. It seems like it was just yesterday that the Sens moved into their new digs doesn't it?

15 years ago today, Bryan Adams opened the new stadium with a sold out concert, followed by the first Sens game 2 days later, a game in which we were shutout (sounds familiar) by the Montreal Canadiens.

I still remember being at the first game at the new rink. It's amazing to think that it's been 15 years already since that day. We've had a lot of good memories haven't we? And some bad.

I know it may not be as nice as most other new stadiums, and it may lack some of the bells and whistles the new state of the art places have, but you know what, it's home. And it's always nice to be at home.

Congrats to SBP for 15 years of fun (mostly). Let's hope the future brings even more great moments in Senators history. Feel free to post any cool memories or stories from the last 15 at SP in the comments sections.

Thoughts on our home turning 15?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Flames Burn Sens

Remember the days when we had Stanley Cup aspirations? Now it seems coming close, or even trying is good enough. The Sens fell asleep for the first 2 periods, falling behind 3-0 to Calgary, before coming awake in the 3rd, scoring 2 before running out of time and losing 3-2, ultimately meaning absolutely nothing.

This has become the norm in Sens Town. Get behind early, play horrificly bad, then muster a mini comeback that gets people excited, before failing to complete it and gaining nothing. This is our trademark move as of late.

It doesn't get any easier as we face the Washington Capitals on Sunday afternoon. Don't let the score fool you, the Sens played yet another poor game.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Our powerplay is truly awful.
  • Brian Elliott let in a couple of poor goals yet again.
  • Crowd was suprisingly upbeat, given the circumstances. I did like when they boo'd them though, deservedly so.
  • I'm not sure what has changed, but all of a sudden Milan Michalek has his speed again.
  • Corey Locke wasn't noticeable.
  • Some careless penalties cost us yet again.
  • We were jobbed on that potential penalty shot that never was.
  • The Sens are making it really hard for anyone to plunk down some money on tickets to watch this team right now.

With a couple of nice defensive plays and a goal, Milan Michalek wins the night.

Thoughts on the loss?

Friday, January 14, 2011

GDP #45: Sens V Flames

The Sens are back it tonight, taking on the Calgary Flames, after actually managing a win last night in Long Island, New York. It's a rare matchup with the Flames, who are also a struggling team, much in the same way the Sens are.

The Senators will catch a somewhat break I think, in that Miikka Kiprusoff will be sitting tonight in favor of Karlsson (no not Erik). Then again, the way Miikka has been playing, it might have been better to have him in net.

As you can imagine, after getting the W last night, the Sens aren't making any changes to their lineup, which I approve of. That means Locke and Lee will get another shot to prove themselves again, which is nice to see. The lines will be the same as last night.

Much to the shagrin of some, Robin Lehner will not get the start tonight. Brian Elliott starts in goal.

Prediction: If the Sens play as they did last night, they can win, although at this point, a win isn't really helping out long term plans of a high draft pick. What are the odds the Sens play well 2 games in a row, especially after playing last night and travelling. Then again, the Flames are awful too, so it's really a who plays worse type of game. Sens lose 4-2.


Friday, January 14, 2011

The First Of Many

Shoutout to Sens rookie goalie Robin Lehner, who last night won his first career NHL game, in his first ever NHL start, beating the New York Islanders 6-4. Although he was hardly spectacular, he did stop 20 of 24, good for a .833 save %, which was good enough to get the W.

Hopefully this is the start of a beautiful new era of having a stable goalie, but let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. After all, it was just one game and let's not forget he's only 19. Nevertheless, it is nice to see him win his first career start.

Congratulations goes out to Robin on the very big milestone.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sens Explode For 6 In Long Island Win

Nothing like playing one of the three teams behind us to make us feel good again right? The Sens took full advantage of an undermanned New York Islanders squad, winning 6-4 and earning Robin Lehner his first career NHL win.

You know you're bad when you give up 6 to a team that struggles to score, although I have to say the Sens put in a decent effort in tonight. At the same, we weren't exactly playing the cream of the crop of the NHL were we? But the way things have gone for us this season, we have to be happy for any win we're fortunate to get. That's what happens when you're in 27th place in a 30 team league after all.

Let's hope we can continue to build on the effort in our next game against the equally struggling Calgary Flames.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Milan Michalek seemed to have his speed back all of a sudden.
  • It was nice to see the Sens score 32 seconds in and get off to a good start for once.
  • Even better was watching an opposing goalie being chased from the net quickly too.
  • Corey Locke was decent, but nothing special. He had as assist in just under 12 mins of play. It was his 1st career NHL point.
  • Our 4th goal sure was a nice individual effort by Chris Kelly. Respect.
  • Lehner looked good at times, and shaky at others, which I supose is what you expect from a rookie making his NHL debut. He got the win and that's what counts.
  • The Islanders played how we usually do, it was nice to see us catch a few breaks for once.
  • I thought Brian Lee had another solid game, picking up an assist and was a +2 on the evening in just under 18 mins of ice time. He's quietly making a case to stay in the side.
  • Kuba Kuba Kuba, I'm running out of ways to say he's lazy and playing poorly.
  • It sure was nice to see us score more than 1 or 2 wasn't it?
  • Zack Smith scored again, that's back to back games for one of my fave's.
  • Also good to see Long Island also has a crappy scoreboard, we're not alone.

With his 1st career NHL win, Robin Lehner wins the night.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

GDP #44: Sens @ Long Island

The Sens are in the hockey mecca that is Long Island tonight, playing the lowly Islanders, one of the three teams they're actually above in the standings. As far as this season goes, this is one of the few we actually have a chance to win, but with our luck, the Isles are actually on a bit of a roll at the moment, going 6-3-1 in their last 10. Seems about right.

The big news tonight of course, is that Sens super goalie prospect Robin Lehner makes his first career start. I am quite curious to see what the young Swede has in store for us in the NHL. Will he be a star or a bust? No matter what happens tonight, it will be too early to tell, but it will give us a peak at what the future might hold for us. Let's hope he does well.

The other news is that Corey Locke will make his Senators debut tonight, playing on the 2nd line with Nick Foligno and Ryan Shannon. Yep, that's how far we've sunk. Our 2nd line is 71-84-26, all 3 of which are barely NHLers. Welcome to the Bryan Murray years everyone. I will be curious to see if Mr Locke can contribute at the NHL level, or will his lack of speed and size prevent him from doing so like so many have suggested. Something to keep an eye on at least.

The other lineup change tonight is that Chris Campoli will be a healthy scratch, which is a bit odd considering he used to play there. Perhaps it was related to the fight he and Neil had during practice yesterday. Either way, Campoli is out and Brian Lee is back in, which is a good move in my books. I think Lee has played well enough to stay in the lineup and I'd like to see him play the rest of the year, so he finally gets a legitimate shot at proving if he belongs in the league or not. I think he does as a 5/6 defenceman, especially on this team.

Here are the projected lines for tonight:
  • Michalek-Fisher-Alfredsson
  • Foligno-Locke-Shannon
  • Ruutu-Kelly-Neil
  • Smith-Regin-Winchester

Prediction: Can the Sens get any lower than they already are? The performance in Boston was one of the worst in franchise history, and many are surprised that CCC and BM are still employed. The question is can they bounce back, and at this time I'm not sure at all. The Islanders would seemingly be an easy target, but sadly even they are playing much better than we are at this time. A lot will also hinge on the play of rookie Robin Lehner, who goes into the game with a perfect save %. This is a tough one to call, but I think the Sens get it together and gut out a road win. Sens take it 3-2.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Curious Case Of Peter Regin

Now I don't want to get off on a rant here, but you see the picture above, do you recognize it? That is Peter Regin celebrating his only goal of the year. Yes you read that correctly, Mr Jensen has ONE goal in 41 games played this year, which makes him on pace for a shocking 2 goals this season. Take a minute and let that marinate in your brain. It seems inconcievable doesn't it? Wasn't he supposed to be our emerging young scorer?

I'll admit that the stakes and expectations were raised considering his 2nd half of the season and playoffs last year. After all, he had 13 goals and 29 points as a 23 year old last year, and seemed to be improving in each game. I'd go as far as to say he was our best player in our first round series against the Pens in 2009-10. He followed that up with an impressive campaign at the World Championships for Denmark. It appeared we had found our young star.

In the offseason, many Sens fans were worried we might have trouble re-upping him. There were worries he would command 3 or 4 million per season, or that another NHL team would sign him to an offer sheet. Even his agent said he might command a Vanek like contract. That sure seems laughable now doesn't it? At this point, he'd be lucky to sign a Foligno type contract.

Eventually, we signed him to a 2 year, 2 million dollar contract that had the loyal Sens fans smiling from ear to ear, myself included. I was shocked that we were able to get him so cheaply. I was impressed with Bryan Murray's ability to get his John Hancock on the deal for such a discount.

Heading into the season, most of us penciled him in for a minimum of 20 goals. It wasn't that far fetched, as he had 13 last season, and was likely going to be playing on the first line this season. Add in the way he finished and 20 would be a cake walk, maybe even 30 was attainable if he got a few breaks. None of us saw this coming and no one seems to be talking about his failure of a season.

So what happened? Your guess is as good as mine. He doesn't appear to be injured. The only noticeable difference is his number change, but clearly that doesn't equal the lack of success, even if he now wears unlucky #13. Raise your hand if you thought Regin would be outscored half way through the year by every single Senator except Chris Phillips (always offensively challenged) and Filip Kuba (who missed 15 games).

It's getting so bad that he's become an afterthought. Sens fans no longer list him as untouchable, which they would have done in the offseason. In fact, many don't even mention him at all, he's become invisible. Many saw him as a big piece of our future, but now many would be open to trading him in our upcoming rebuild. Not me though, I still think he has potential, and no point giving up on him yet, especially with his low cap hit. It's worth giving him another year to turn things around, though he has yet to show any signs of doing so.

Perhaps he is just a casualty of a team going down in flames, a product of his environment. Let's be honest, he isn't exactly the only one underachieving on this team, but he may be the most disappointing. You can understand an aging Alfie slowing down, or a lazy Kovalev not performing, but a young up and coming player failing to launch? I just hope this season will be an exception, not the rule to his career, but at this point thats all it is, hope.

Does he still have time to turn things around? Of course he does. Perhaps he is finding out what it's like to play with expectations. It's not as easy as being the underdog, and can weigh on the best of players. I still believe in young Regin, I can see the talent and desire is there, although admittedly hidden at the moment.

The season is long, and if we know anything about Peter, it's that he plays better in the 2nd half of the year. Yes, that's what I'm clinging to. Give me a break, it's been a long year, and we're only half way through.

What are your thoughts on why Regin is struggling? Can he turn it around?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2 Up, 2 Down

In news that won't really make any real difference to the team, Corey Locke and Robin Lehner were called up to the Sens, while Jim O'Brien and Mike Brodeur were returned to the AHL. This should come as a bit of a surprise, as many thought Locke didn't have much of a shot at being called up. Perhaps his 4 point performance on Tuesday night helped his cause.

Understandably, Locke was thrilled with the chance to finally play in the show. After all, he is the AHL's leading scorer and we have a severe problem scoring, so how much could it hurt to take a shot with him. I know many Sens fans will be very happy with this move, as many of you have been emailing me for weeks hoping he'd get a shot.

The 2 players are already with the team in Boston and are expected to play Thursday night in Long Island, if the storm doesn't upset their travel plans. No word yet if they plan to give Lehner a start or not, but with 6 losses in a row, all by Elliott, it seems likely he will get one.

Thoughts on the promotions/demotions?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Sens Send Two To All Star Game

The NHL All Stars were announced today, and so were the AHL's. The Binghamton Senators will send two players to the mid-season classic. The players in question are Corey Locke, the AHL's leading scorer, and Bobby Butler, the rookie goal scoring leader.

Congrats to the two guys, well deserved.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Low

In a season that is getting worse and worse, the Sens hit a new low tonight, losing 6-0 to the Bruins, which was the sixth time we've been shutout this season. It was our SIXTH loss in a row. During that span, we've been outscored 23-7.

Expect changes and soon.

We will not be making the playoffs and everyone but Karlsson, and maybe Alfie, are available.

This is a sorry bunch at the moment. Nothing good to say about them at all tonight. They rolled over like they have done so many times already this year. It's clear at this point that we need a complete rebuild.

We're becoming a walking joke.

It's a frustrating time to be a Sens fan.

Thoughts on the game? What changes would you make?

With such a lousy performance, you know that no one wins the night.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Carkner vs Thornton

For all those who may have missed the pathetic excuse for a game tonight, a game in which we lost 6-0, and looked like a poor AHL team, this was the lone entertaining moment from the Sens point of view. It was a fight between Matt Carkner and Shawn Thornton, with Carkner easily getting the best of him.

I'll say one thing, Brian Lee cannot fight like that, and perhaps that is why he is sitting out at the moment, as most of us seem to think he played well enough to stay in the team. Either way, enjoy the only highlight from yet another embarassing performance by the Sens.

Thoughts on the fight?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GDP #43: Sens @ Beantown

The Sens are in Boston tonight, as they take on the division rival Bruins, with a big 2 points on the line, well for Boston at least. The TD Garden will be the venue, as we try and break our awful record against the B's in the past few years.

As we enter tonight's contest, the Sens are 11 points out of 8th. Think about that for a second. We need to make up 11 points, just to come in 8th in our conference. And Murray and Melnyk have the nerve to say we still have a chance. Please!

Anyways, back to actual on ice stuff, Mike Broduer was called up to back up Elliott, who starts again. With Kovalev out a week or so, Jim O'Brien has been called up as well. For some reason, Brian Lee is sitting now, in favor of Matt Carkner. Personally, I think Lee has earned the right to stay in the side, but perhaps they're trying to showcase Kuba? A guy can dream can't he?

So with that being said, here are the projected lines for tonight:
  • Michalek-Regin-Alfredsson
  • Foligno-Fisher-O'Brien
  • Ruutu-Kelly-Neil
  • Smith-Winchester-Shannon

God our 2nd line is horrible.

Prediction: The Sens always have a tough time with the B's, especially in Boston, but luckily for us, the Bruins played last night in Pittsburgh, so they will be a bit tired. There's also a chance that Lucic will be sitting out, so that helps us out. The problem is we can't score and Tim Thomas owns us. Sens lose 3-1.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Karlsson Named To All Star Team

In a bit of surprising news, the Sens 2nd year player, Erik Karlsson, has been named to the 2011 All Star team. He is the only Sens player named to the team this season, and I'm sure it mostly has to do with the fact the league wants someone from every team represented. (check his reaction above)

The 20 year old is 2nd in team scoring, with 8 goals and 17 helpers, good for 25 points in 40 games, which is impressive, ranking him 15th in the NHL for defencemen. But for any of us who watch him game to game, he leaves a lot to be desired on the defensive side. Still, at 20 it's very impressive for him to make the squad. Though you have to admit, it's a little unusual to see a player go from healthy scratch, to untouchable, to All Star in the same season.

The game is January 30th in Raleigh, NC. Congratulations to Erik for the All Star nod. By the way, what's with the creepily long mic? Pretty old school.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Of Course He's Injured

Just when things can't get any worse, Sens winger Alexei Kovalev is injured. Actually, depending on your point of view, this could be a good thing. He apparently injured himself in Saturday's loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning, which is laughable given the lact of effort he has been showing. He is expected to be out around a week.

Since we have a game tomorrow in Boston, someone will be called up from Bingo, but at this time, it hasn't been announced who. Clouston did say he was considering some new names however, in Condra and Locke, and previously called up guys in Butler and O'Brien. We will see who gets the nod for tomorrow soon enough.

Who would you pick? Thoughts on the Kovalev injury?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gonchar Card + What We Learned

You may be wondering what it is you're looking at it. Well no wonder no more, as I managed to get ahold of a copy of the Gonchar family Christmas card courtesy of reader Chuck. I have to say it's so cheesy that it's awesome. The forced smiles, the awkward poses and the painting the Sens gave him for his 1000th game in the background. Overall it's an A+, though at -18 and on pace for only 38 points, not sure what he has to be thankful for. Oh wait, 16.5 million dollars.

-Sad news for former Senator Anton Volchenkov, as his father Alexei passed away. All the best to the A-train at this difficult time. As most of you know, he got his tough as nails attitude from his dad.

-Is this good news or bad news? Well it's news at least. For all of you hoping for a rebuild, here comes news of Murray being told to dump salary.

-Shoutout to Erik Karlsson, who played in his 100th career game on Saturday night.


Sunday, January 09, 2011

What Could Have Been

A couple of days ago, I told you how the Binghamton Senators would be rockin' the throwback "O" jerseys for Saturday's game vs Rochester, a jersey that so many people in Ottawa had been wanting them to wear. Well, last night was the big night and I have to say they look pretty awesome. The Sens really dropped the ball on this one in my opinion. These are much nicer than any jersey we currently have and would have made many fans happy.

Also be sure to check out the nice save Mike Brodeur made in the throwback gear. If you happen to love the jerseys, fear not, they will be up for auction soon to the highest bidder.

I hope one day we will get to see the Sens wearing these, or something similar. If what I hear is true, we might not have to wait very long. Just sayin'........


Saturday, January 08, 2011

Same Old, Same Old

Stop me if you've heard this before. The Sens lost another winnable game, after not being able to score. You have? No way.

The tried their best I suppose but their best is far from good enough, giving up 2 crappy goals in the 3rd to lose 2-1 to Tampa. I have to admit they're getting tough to watch. They seem to have the skill of an AHL team, at best, and when I say that, I mean no disrespect to any AHL team who may be reading this.

This game was not memorable in any way, shape or form, and that's the problem. it's just another so so game in the middle of a long season, which isn't giving Sens fans much hope. With each loss, our slim playoff chances get a little farther away. The team as a whole is getting very frustrating to watch.

Other thoughts from tonights game:
  • Im'm kind of surprised by the attendance of 19,968.
  • Mike Fisher left the game with an injury. I know it can't be serious, because that would make me too happy.
  • Next up is Kuba hopefully.
  • I know the coach was trying to reward them for their hard work tonight and all, but you don't put all 3 of Neil, Shannon, and Winchester on the PP when trying to tie up a game. Then again, anytime you can have 7 combined goals from 3 players on the ice at one time, you have to do it don't ya?
  • Downie is one of the cheapest players in the league, and proved it again tonight.
  • Has anyone checked Kovalev's pulse to make sure he's actually still alive?
  • How did Michalek miss that empty net? Should have known better to expect back to back games with goals. My bad.
  • I thought Phillips had opne of his best games of the year, which isn't saying much.
  • Good to see Zack Smith score.
  • Elliott was decent, but not great, though he was horribly out of position on the first goal.
  • Did we even force Roloson to make one tough save? I can't remember one.

With the only goal of the game for the Sens, Zack Smith wins the night.