Monday, February 28, 2011

Trade Deadline Day The Bizness

This is the video from Bryan Murray's presser after the deadline had passed, explaining some of the moves he did and didn't make. God forbid any Ottawa media pressed him or even asked why in the hell he would have given Phillips another NMC. I'm really starting to see how it's such a boys club. No wonder nothing gets done. Grow some balls media. Then again it could have been worse. The Team 1200's Scott MacArthur was acting like a girl who's boyfriend was moving away on twitter, super professional Mac.

Monday, February 28, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Campoli Dealt To Windy City

The Senators have traded defenceman Chris Campoli and a conditional 7th round pick to the Chicago Blackhawks for prospect Ryan Potulny, a 2nd round pick in 2011. Not a bad return for Campoli, who never really reached his potential in Ottawa. Also self pat for predicting where he would end up. He had 14 points in 58 games this season.

Thoughts on the Campoli trade?

UPDATE @ 3:35pm - The Hawks only get 7th rounder from us if we re-sign Ryan Potlny.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Sens Claim McElhinney

The Ottawa Senators have claimed goaltender Curtis McElhinney off of waivers from the Tampa Bay Lightning. This move seems a bit odd, but means that Leclaire must be done for the year. This will allow Robin Lehner to go back to Bingo and play for the rest of the year.


Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Trade Deadline Day Predictions

The trade deadline day is finally upon us, and although some of the fun has been taken out of it for Sens fans due to all the movement already, there's still some possibility of some excitement today. People are always asking me what I've heard will happen or do I have any wild guesses. Well I figured why not have some fun and make a few predictions. Some are silly and unlikely, based on my own speculation, and some are more plausible, based on actual information I've heard. Let's see how many, if any, I get right.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Phillips Re-Ups For 3 years/9.25 Million

This Phillips situation has been tough on everyone. It's now over.
The other day I told you this would happen, and tonight I was proven right. Most of us were hoping he would be traded for assets for the rebuild and come back July 1st. Most of us were prepared to bring him back for around 2.5 per year. He got 3.08 million per year, which many will not be happy with. So in the end I was right, but I say that begrudgingly, as I was hoping I would be wrong and he would have left, but my source was correct.

In the end Bryan Murray does what he always does and caves to the hometown guy, giving him too much money. The more shocking part to me is that he was also given a full no movement clause (NMC). I can't believe he is going to put up with this same stiuation in 3 years again. Very frustrating.

Let's hope this means that he somehow has a buyer for Kuba.

Thoughts on the Phillips signing?

UPDATE @ 11:58pm - Nick Kypreos has info on the NMC Phillips recieved. Basically he has a limited NTC in the 3rd year, which means he probably gets to provide them with a list of 5 teams he will accept a trade to.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

What A Difference Having A Goalie Makes

Wow! The Sens took it to the Flyers all night, beating the league's 2nd best team 4-1, and definitely earning the victory. The fact that the Flyers were 21-1-1 when leading after 1 like they were tonight, made the win that much more impressive, especially when we lost Michalek midway through the game, adding to our already alarming AHL roster. There are only 3 regular players from our top 12 forwards to start the year still playing - Spezza, Shannon and Foligno. Insane!

The fact that we won was great, but that was really gravy. I am most happy that once again the Sens are a team you can be proud to root for. They're a team who play hard, play smart and look like they're happy to be in the NHL. It's very refreshing to watch.

How ironic/fitting was it that Phillips scored his first of the year in what is quite possibly his last game in a Sens uniform in front of the only home fans he's ever known.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

GDP #62: Sens v Philly

The Sens play the 2nd of a back to back tonight, as they take on the league's 2nd best team in Philadelphia at SBP. This game will be 2nd best vs 2nd worst, and it very well might get pretty ugly with our abundance of AHL talent sprinkled through the lineup.

There is some minor positive news for tonight's game, as Chris Pronger won't suit up for the Flyers. Expect Brian Boucher to get the start, while Zherdev and newly claimed Nick Boyton will also be in the lineup.

For the Sens, Craig Anderson gets the start for the 4th straight game. There are no other lineup changes from last night's team, as all the defensive pairings and forward lines are projected to be the same.

Pre game thoughts?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Leclaire Waived

It appears Pascal Leclaire's time as an Ottawa Senator is over, as today they placed the net minder on waivers. He has until Monday at noon to clear. I'm sure they are hoping someone decides to pick him up and give him a shot, but at this point I can't really see that happening.

It's no surprise that this finally happened, as he never panned out as the franchise goalie Bryan Murray and so many of us had hoped. In fact, he never even manage to stay healthy long enough to find out. It became a bit of a running joke about how the next weird way he would be hurt.

Thoughts on Leclaire being waived?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Your (Lack Of) Pedigree Is Showing

The Sens played respectably tonight in Buffalo, but eventually their lack of pedigree was exposed, falling to the Sabres 4-2. It was the kinda game you would have expected with an AHL lineup and a Sabres team desperate for a win, but the Sens were right in it until the last minute, in fact Nick Foligno almost tied it up before Buffalo added an empty netter. All in all not a bad game, no complaints.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What I've Heard: Phillips To Re-Sign

I am not saying this is 100% official, but I did some digging, talked to some people and from what I've heard, it appears that Chris Phillips will sign an extension sometime tomorrow most likely. If what I've been told is indeed true, I doubt many will be very happy with the new contract. Not only will we be missing the return of a possible Phillips trade that could net us some excellent assets for a rebuild, but the deal will be for more money than most people wanted if he was to re-sign. I've heard it will most likely be a 3 year deal for around the same money he's making now, which is 3.5 per year.

I will update when I learn if it is indeed 100% confirmed or not. I personally like Phillips, but not at the rumored term/price. I'd personally prefer to see him moved at the deadline, and if he wants to be in Ottawa so much he can return July 1st.

I don't get the rush to sign him today. If he won't waive his NTC, then we still have to July 1st to decide if we want him back, no need to rush into it and give it to him today. All I know is if he does re-sign, there better be no way in hell Murray gives him another NTC, so we aren't in this position again in a few years.


Friday, February 25, 2011

GDP #61: Sens @ Buffalo

Don't look now, but the Sens are riding a win streak, albeit it just a 2 gamer, but still I'll take it after losing 17 of 18 at one point. The Sens look to make it 3 in a row tonight, as they take on the Buffalo Sabres in Buffalo, the butthole of America as Kenny Powers might so eloquently say. Can they do it? Maybe.

In what has become routine lately, there's a new player making his NHL debut, and another making his Sens debut tonight. Marek Svatos will make his Sens debut tonight, wearing #20 and playing on the 2nd line. Roman Wick will make his NHL debut, playing on the 3rd line and rocking Regin's old #43. Corey Locke will also get another shot to make an impression tonight, perhaps his last and will wear #37.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tiq IQ x Sens Town

Over the course of Sens Town's existence, I get all kinds of emails. From people sending in pictures of NHL players partying or in comprimising positions, to questions about Sens gear, rumors/info I might have about the team, or just people wanting to ask me acual hockey questions. But the questions I get the most by far is asking about tickets. When are they one sale? Where can I get a good deal? I'm going to be in ______ and I want to see the Sens play on the road, do you know where I can get tickets to an away game? Well ask now more, I have the answer for you.

Sens Town has teamed up with to bring you the best information on Ottawa Senators ticket prices and trends. provides Scotiabank Place seating charts, ticket prices by section, and blog post updates to help you track the sports tickets market. For a full list of home and away games on the 2010 schedule, click on the 'OtherSenators Games' link:

You will be able to see their ticket inventory by clicking on the Sens Game Tickets widget on the right hand side of the blog. Simple scroll through and pick the game you are looking for from the drop menu and surf away to find the seats that best suit your needs. For away games click other Senators games and there you go. It's a great way to find good deals and know the tickets are legit. If it's last minute you can even search specifically for tickets that can be emailed and printed out for your convenience.

So next time you need some seats to watch your beloved Sens play home or away, use the link of the right to get your tickets. It's win-win. If you'd prefer to see all available tickets to all remaining games in a larger full page view click here.

Hopefully all the great readers will help support this new undertaking for Sens Town. I know you will, you guys are awesome.

Thanks in advance

-The Mayor


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Alexei Kovalev Traded To Pittsburgh

This sums up Kovalev in Ottawa. I've been saving it all year for today.
The tenure of the very frustrating Alexei Kovalev has come to an end with the Senators, as he has been dealt to the Pittsburgh Penguins. In return, the Sens recieve a 7th round pick, that can turn into a 6th rounder if the Pens win a playoff series and Kovalev plays in 50% of those games it turns into a 6th. Kovalev had to waive his NTC in order to return to Pittsburgh.

On a personal note, I have to think Murray dropped the ball on this one. Why didn't he wait until the trade deadline on Monday to see if he could get a bit more for l'artiste. I wasn't expecting a 1st rounder or anything, but surely he could have gotten some desperate teams a bit more into a bidding war for the very talented, yet frustrating Kovalev and gotten us a 3rd or 4th rounder instead. How is it that Pittsburgh continuosly robs the league in trades?

You're telling me Pittsburgh or some other team in need of scoring wouldn't have still taken him off our hands on Monday for a 7th rounder? I actually would have preferred keeping him for that return so we actually have an NHL regular or two in our lineup for the rest of the season. Not that impressed by this move by Murray, even though Kovalev's time here never really worked out, he still is our 3rd leading scorer and should have brought us more than a 7th in my opinion.

And here's a little prediction for you. Kovalev will go on a tear and play very well in the playoffs for the Pens, driving us all insane and making us thinkg, all we got was a 7th for him? We were screwed. Murrrrrrrayy!!!

Today is his birthday, so happy 38th Alexei. He got the best present of all, getting out of dodge.

Thoughts on the trade and return of Kovie?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sens Claim Svatos

Svatos during his time as an Avalance player

In a bit of weird news, the Senators have claimed Marek Svatos off of waivers from the Nashville Predators. He is small (5'10, 185lbs) and has only played in 9 games in the NHL this year, registering 1 goal and 2 assists, so I'm not quite sure what the move here was for . He is a UFA at the end of the season, and perhaps with the mass exodus of NHLers from our team, Murray probably felt we needed a warm body for the final 20 games. You will remember him from being decent on Colorado for a couple of seasons.

Thoughts on clamiming Svatos?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Streak Is Dead

Quite the performance from the very undermanned Sens tonight, dominating the game and winning convincingly 5-1, with Florida's only goal coming off a deflection from Phillips' skate that Anderson had no chance on whatsoever. It's safe to say that Sens Army are drinking the Anderson kool-aid pretty hard right now. For whatever reason we're playing better and that's all that counts.

Tonight we killed the 10 game home winless streak, and also started a win streak with 2 straight W's. It may not seem like a big deal but it is considering where we've been and who's on our roster. For the most part I'm just happy to see some passion and effort consistently lately.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • The PP looked pretty good tonight. Only went 1 for 6 but had good movement.
  • Anderson was solid again, not spectacular, but that wasn't his fault, he wasn't forced to make tough saves.
  • Florida is HORRIBLE!!
  • Zack Smith takes too many penalties.
  • I was hoping to see Carkner/Hordichuk throw.
  • Chris Neil left the game with an upper body injury. Hope that doesn't affect his trade value for Monday.
  • Attendance was 16,520 - which was good or bad, depending how you look at it.
  • I'm starting to appreciate Spezza more and more lately.
  • Shannon had a solid game for him.
  • Did Lessard play a shift after his tilt?

With 2 goals and 5 in 5 games, Bobby Butler wins the night.

Post game thoughts?


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GDP #60: Sens v Panthers

John Vanbiesbrouck during the Pathers infamous rat throwing playoff run

The Sens are fresh off a shutout win versus the hated Maple Leafs in Toronto, and all the enthusiasm around town is a little premature that we may have found our star goalie. Listen, I like Anderson as much as anyone, I did last year, I was excited when we got him for Elliott (more like shocked), but it was ONE game. He is the best goalie we've had in awhile, but don't fasten you seatbelts just yet. He gets another chance to prove himself tonight, this time with his first ever home start, as the Sens take on the Florida Panthers trying to avoid our 11th straight home loss, yes 11th.

In other Sens goalie news, a pair of former net minders made news today, as Brian Elliott will make his first start for Colorado, while Ray Emery has been called up to the Anaheim Ducks after being signed a couple of weeks ago. Best of luck to Ray, I still hate you Elliott.

Right, now on to tonight's affair, as there are a few minimal lineup changes. First off, Chris Campoli is back in the lineup, which means Andre Benoit has been sent back down to Bingo. I have to admit I thought Benoit filled in admirably during his few games here. I barely noticed him, and I mean that as the highest type of compliment. Sergei Gonchar still isn't ready to re-enter the lineup, and why rush him. Last thing we need right now is an injury to anyone we have hopes of trading on Monday. The other lineup change is Jim O'Brien has been called up to take Peter Regin's spot after he suffered what is believed to be a season ending shoulder injury on Saturday.

The defensive pairings are projected to be: Kuba-Karlsson, Phillips-Lee, and Campoli-Carkner.

The projected lines for tonight are:
  • Michalek-Speeza-Butler
  • Shannon-Foligno-Kovalev
  • Condra-Smith-Neil
  • Greening-O'Brien-Lessard

Just a reminder that tonight's game is on at 7pm, not the usual 7:30pm for weekday games. Also be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates and pics live from SBP - @SensTown

Prediction: The Panthers are the team we've seen the past 5 or 6 seasons. They're competitive, hard working, have a great goalie, and always seem to be one or two players away, except they never get them and always just end up missing the playoffs. In fact, the Panthers, along with the Maple Leafs, are the only teams not to make it to the playoffs since the lockout, which if you're counting, is 5 years. They are however, better than us, especially with our current roster of AHLers. The wild card however is Craig Anderson, who will be playing a former team and want to play well, and he's capable of it, as he showed us on Saturday night. This is a game that Florida needs to win if they have any playoff aspirations, but for some reason I see the Sens pulling it off. Sens win an ugly one 3-2.

Pre game thoughts?


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Regin's Season 86'd

Struggling forward Peter regin's year just went from bad to worse. In a season in which big things were expected from the Dane, he only has 3 goals to date, and now comes word that he is done for the year courtesy of a shoulder injury suffered in the video above. Maybe he should change his name back to Jensen?

Thoughts on the injury?


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

James Duthie Interview

James Duthie needs no introduction, but I'm going to give you one anyway. He is my personal favorite hockey media personality, who seamlessly mixes humor and hockey knowledge to keep you entertained and informed on all the hockey world news on TSN. Besides that, James is an author of 2 awesome books and all around good person, plus if you need another reason to like him, he's originally from Ottawa.

I recently had a chance to talk to James about Ottawa nostalagia, his role in the hockey universe and some questions about the Senators future. So sit back and enjoy the read and hopefully come trade deadline next week he will be announcing a big trade for the Sens.

Sens Town: So when and where can we watch you on TSN? Tell us about the new book.

James Duthie: Anytime there's Canadian team playing on TSN, you are stuck with my ugly mug. Every Wednesday night, the other nights vary. Two books--They Call Me Killer, which is the one I did with Brian Kilrea. And The Day I Almost Killed Two Gretzkys (and other stories about sports and life), which is a collection of my columns. Enough free plugs, I'll move on.

Sens Town: So you're from Ottawa, what are your favorite places in the city to eat? Does that make you a Sens fan, Habs fan, Leaf fan or just a fan of hockey in general?

James Duthie: Favourite place to eat? Too many to mention...I love the breakfast buffet at the Westin...big breakfast guy. But I have lots of place I love in Ottawa. I am really not a fan of any team--this jobs sucks that part out of you a little--you end up rooting for the people you like. My parents are huge Senators fan though, so it would be nice for them to win a Cup someday for them.

Sens Town: Do you think Ottawa, specifically Sens fans get a bad rap as being a bad fanbase, or is it justified?

James Duthie: No, it's a great hockey town. The World Juniors in Ottawa was the best ever. But Senators fans (like most fans) can be fickle, and they are about to be tested, because the next two years will be painful. You can't ask for a rebuild, and then complain about how your team sucks.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day: The Bizness

-Today was the Sens Skills event at SBP, in which Team Red beat Team White 22-16. The event was attended by over 14,000 fans and raised 75k for charity in the Ottawa area. To read the full report click here.

-Pascal Lecalire was sent down to Binghamton today for a conditioning stint. He will practice with the team and likely get 2 or 3 starts in the AHL, and if all goes well down there he will play for the Sens again. That is of course if he can manage to make it through a week of hockey without getting hurt.

-Word around the Sens camp is that Peter Regin is done for the season. Nothing official yet, just what I've heard.

-Still lots of trade talk surrounding the Sens, as the trade deadline is just a week away. The Sens are talking about moving quit ea few players still, including Chris Neil, Alexei Kovalev, Sergei Gonchar, Chris Campoli, Filip Kuba and Chris Phillips.

It should be a very interesting week.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rosehill v Lessard

Not only did we win last night and not only did we finally win a shootout, but there was also a pretty epic tilt featuring recently called up Francis Lessard. I love the net cam view of the fight. Enjoy.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

We're Not Worthy, We're Not Worthy

Craig Anderson making 1 of his 47 saves tonight in his Sens debut

The title of this post may be familiar to many of you, as it was somewhat of a catch phrase from the popular 90's Wayne's World skirts by Mike Myers, who is a die hard Leafs fan. Well tonight it will be used against his franchise, as the Sens rolled in the Tdot and got the shoutout win with a bunch of AHLers in tow, winning 1-0 in a shootout.

Almost all the credit has to go to newly acquired Craig Anderson who mudered the game tonight, making an incredible 47 saves tonight, plus all 3 shooters in the shootout, which is you aren't good at math, means he made 50 total saves tonight. Not bad for a guy making his debut for a new team right?

I hate to pile on the criticism, but this is the exact time of game Brian Elliott would have cost us at somepoint in the 3rd, and a hard working effort would have been wasted, no points collected yet again. That story had become all too familar around here, and now we have 2 capable goalies on our team, and that makes games a lot more enjoyable to watch doesn't it?

What more can you say about Craig Anderson. He seems to be a leader, a good guy and a hell of a goalie. He is at least definitely someone to root for and by far the best goalie we've had in our lineup this season. This was one of the most entertaining 3rd periods I had seen in awhile, definitely brought me back to some of the earlier Sens/Leafs classic of yesteryear. You couldn't have asked for a better way to welcome yourself to a new team and a new city. Congrats on the amazing game Craig and welcome to Ottawa. With the win, we're no longer dead last in the NHL either, as we were for a few hours today.

With 47 saves tonight in a shoutout win, Craig Anderson wins the night.

Post game thoughts?


Saturday, February 19, 2011

GDP #59: Sens @ Tdot - Battle Of Ontario

Life as a Leaf fan

The Sens are in Toronto tonight, playing the 2nd game in a back to back situation, this time against the hated provincial rivals. Both teams have made several changes as of late, with the Sens getting rid of 4 players, while the Leafs have traded Beauchemin, Versteeg and the long serving Thomas Kaberle.

Last night the Sens put up a valiant effort against the far superior Boston Bruins, especially considering we had 6 AHL regulars playing significant minutes. I was quite pleased by the effort, and if we continue that tonight, we have a chance at a positive result.

There are no lineup changes tonight, but the big news is that freshly acquired netminder Craig Anderson will make his Senators debut tonight at the ACC. The good news is that in his career against the Leafs, Anderson is a very impressive 3-10, with a .941 save % and a 1.98 GAA. I'm just excited to see him play for the first time.

Prediction: A lot depends on the play of our goaltender and to be honest, I'm not sure what to expect but am going in with an open mind. It's usually a fun game whenever these two teams hookup, so hopefully tonight will be no exception. It's hard to expect a win with such an undermanned team, but I think we have an outside chance and winning if we get a few breaks. Unfortunately the Leafs win 4-2.

Pre game thoughts?


Friday, February 18, 2011

B's Double Up Sens

The Sens fell 4-2 to the B's tonight, in a game that was much closer than the final score indicates for most of the 60 minutes. I have to say, even though we had 6 AHLers in the lineup, we played hard and competed tonight, and that's all us fans wanted during this terrible season. Tonight's game was fairly entertaining and we kept it close against one of the NHL's best. All in all it was an exciting Friday night game and we did the best we could. I was happy with the result.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Benoit was decent in his NHL debut, I was impressed
  • Lehner was good but not great. I still love the kid.
  • Massive sales on Sens merchandise going on now, hit up a Sens store if need some new swag
  • Lucic was offside on the 2-1 goal, bad call
  • Very weird to see Kelly in a B's uni. Crowd gave him a standing O
  • Kovalev continued his get me out of here point streak
  • I thought Karlsson has struggled lately, tonight was no exception
  • It was weird that Michalek got the vacant A and not Neil. Very interesting.
  • The crowd gave Craig Anderson a big hand as well tonight. Look for him to start tomorrow.

With one goal and a decent game, Kovalev wins the night.

Post game thoughts?


Friday, February 18, 2011

GDP #58: Sens v Boston

Chris Kelly practicing at SBP in Bruins gear for the first time

Wow, it sure seems like the last game was forever and a day ago wasn't it? It also seems that we were another team, with 3 more players being moved since Tuesday's loss to Long Island. The biggest surprise was Brian elliott being moved for Craig Anderson, who is en route from Denver and will be backing up Robin Lehner tonight.

The other news is that Chris Kelly makes his Bruins debut against the Sens in Ottawa, the only club he's ever know in the NHL. Kinda weird isn't it? In more Sens news, Andre Benoit will make his NHL debut tonight, playing with Carker who returns from injury tonight. Francis Lessard will also make his Sens debut tonight wearing #49 with Benoit wearing #47. The Sens will be without Campoli and Gonchar tonight, and will have 6 AHL regulars in the lineup tonight including Lehner, so you might want to get a program if you're at SBP tonight.

The Bruins will be debuting their own new addition in Thomas Kaberle tonight, who will be wearing #12. You will of course remember him from his many years as a Maple Leaf. Honestly who knows what else will happen tonight, it's been a wild week hasn't it? It's got me coming and going. Look for Chris Neil to fill the newly vacated A. Tim Thomas starts for the Bruins.

Here are the Sens projected lines for tonight:
  • Michalek-Spezza-Butler
  • Foligno-Regin-Kovalev
  • Greening-Smith-Neil
  • Lessard-Shannon-Condra
The defensive pairings are projected to be:
  • Phillips-Karlsson
  • Kuba-Lee
  • Benoit-Carkner

Prediction: This will be a wild crazy one with so many lineup changes, but let's face it, Boston is one of the league's best teams and we're on the worst with a full lineup, let alone what we're icing tonight. I fully expect a beating, but will be happy to see the young guys play hard and skate fast tonight. B's win easily 6-2

Pre-game thoughts?


Friday, February 18, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Brian Elliott Traded To Colorado

I think this accurately sums up the Elliott era in Ottawa

 In totally shocking news, the revolving door of players continues, as Brian Elliott was traded to the Colorado Avalanche for goalie Craig Anderson. I have to say I'm ecstatic, as I've come to loathe Elliott as of late and just hated every single time he was in net. It's hard to believe any other NHL team would want him, perhaps there's no TV's in Denver. It isn't fun when you literally have to worry about every shot that is taken.

In Anderson, we get a guy who's a UFA at the end of the season, but has great potential, as he showed us last season, being one of the best netminders in the league. Either way he can't be worse than Elliott and gives us flexibility for next season. He may be the perfect stop gap for a year or two until Lehner can take over premanently hopefully.

The move was partly done I'm sure to get Elliott off the books, as he was entitled to RFA rights at the end of the season and I'm sure the Senators had no plans on qualifying him whatsoever thank god. He will be best remembered for that insane 11 game win streak last year.

Thoughts on the Elliott trade?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Ruutu Traded To Anaheim

Senators forward Jarkko Ruutu has been traded to the Anaheim Ducks for an undisclosed draft pick at this time. I hear it will be a 5th or 6th rounder.At this time I am not sure if it's in 2011 or 2012, but I will update as news becomes available.

Although I expected him to be moved and although he was a healthy scratch this year and in Clouston's doghouse, I was hoping we could get a 3rd for him. Seems like a great pick up for Anaheim for a playoff run for only a 5th or 6th.

Thoughts on the Ruutu trade and the Sens 3rd trade in a week?

UPDATED @ 6:05pm - Ottawa will get a 6th rounder in 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

And Just Like That......He Was Gone

This was the scene yesterday at SBP, as Mike Fisher's picture was removed from the main entrance. It's a sign of the times here in Ottawa, as once familiar core players will be moving on and wearing new uniforms leading up to Feb 28th trade deadline. He just happened to the first.

The famous blue eyes of Fisher being scraped away from SBP. All the other WAG's of Sens players are probably happy to be big fish again now that Carrie is gone. Shoutout to the Sens for actually taking this off in a timely manner and not screwing this up for once. I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't have been shocked to have seen it up in July still.

And the final product, a Fisherless main entrance. This might look pretty funny in 10 days, as there's a very good chance that Kovalev and Phillips will be gone as well. That would only leave Spezza and Alfie and that would look awkward. My vote to replace it goes with them just putting up a draft board instead.

Thoughts on Fisher being removed from SBP and our memory?


Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Great Outdoors

The Sens, who were fresh off a weak loss to the Islanders for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, decided to switch it up and hold practice outdoors yesterday. The team practiced on the outdoor rink near Bayshore shopping centre where there were about 200 kids on hand to take on the practice. The team took time after practicing to sign autographs for the kids and pray that they're the next one traded, just kidding......sort of, well about the trading part anyway, sort of.

Just to be clear, unlike last year, don't expect 11 straight wins after the outdoor practice. At this point, I doubt we get 11 more wins all season. Even so, still cool everytime they do something fun like this for the kiddies.

Thoughts on the outdoor practice?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Chris Kelly Traded To Boston

Chris Kelly has just been traded to the Boston Bruins for a 2nd round pick in the 2011 NHL draft. I am actually sad to see him go, he's been our MVP this year if you ask me, but as in any fire sale, everything must go. It's funny how things change, as a few years ago many wanted him gone.

More details as they come. Thoughts on the kelly deal?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sens Lose In Shootout....Again


That seemed like a logical place to start, as he once again cost us a game, making zero saves in the shootout and "challenging" a play he had no business challenging. Honestly, I'm so tired of seeing him in our goal. It makes me furious to see him blow it game after game. He's an AHL goalie at best, fact!

The Sens lost 4-3 in a shootout, bringing their OT record to 0-9 this season and 0-5 in the shootout, both are top notch. It's never good to see us lose to a team that's so awful in all areas and yet here we are. It's ad isn't it?

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Attendance was 17, 565 which is shockingly high for a Tuesday game with the Isles, so I'm impressed.
  • We lost Gonchar and Campoli during the game, that can't be good.
  • Karlsson played nearly 30 minutes tonight as a result, crazy.
  • I thought Phillips had another solid game.
  • The not stopping the play when Neil went down was pathetic and inexcusable and cost us a goal. I hope the refs will be disciplined for their actions.
  • For those that asked, the new Sens donut was not available at Tim Hortons at SBP. Another fail.
  • Spezza got his 500th career point & Condra got his 1st.
  • Kelly had a decent game, his last as a Senator.
  • We now fall 4 points behind the Isles.
Post game thoughts?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GDP #57: Sens V Long Island

After taking out the league's worst team on Saturday, the Sens have another very winnable game against the New York Islanders tonight, who are the league's 3rd worse team, just 3 points ahead of us. Do I dare say we have the opportunity for a modest 2 game win streak? I think so, especially when the Isles should be starting their 13th string goaltender.

For the Sens, this will be the first home game without ol blue eyes, Mike Fisher, and I expect to see a lot of we miss you Mike signs etc and probably a video tribute and a standing ovation or something. Since there's only a couple of home games left before the trade deadline and Phillips might be traded at any moment, I figured it's time to rock the vintage Big Rig jersey I got for christmas before it's too late. So let's hope we win and I can retire the retro jersey undefeated.

In the bad news department, Brian Elliott will start, which always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's never fun being at the game knowing literally any shot might be a goal. His play never allows me to relax, and that's not a good thing.

In lineup news, Matt Carkner will sit out again with a lower body injury and Erik Condra will make his NHL debut (man I've said that a lot this year), wearing #38 and playing with Ryan Shannon and Zack Smith. It's always interesting to watch a new player and see what they've got, though it's usually all for not, as they don't show much.

Prediction: The Sens are coming off a win and the Isles are horrible. This should most likely be an ugly game filled with bad goals on each side.The only good thing is we tend to score more against NYI. Look for Alexei Kovalev to continue his strong play and keep his scoring streak going with a couple of points minimum. Sens win an ugly affair 5-3.

And yes I will be on the lookout for the Sens donut tonight at SBP. Be sure to follow me on twitter to get in game updates and pics live from Scotiabank Place @SensTown

Pre-game thoughts?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sens Get Their Own Donut

In pastry news, it was announced yesterday that the Sens and Tim Horton's will team up for a Senators themed donut. The donut (pictured above), has vanilla icing, a Sens logo, along with red, white and black sprinkles. It has been named the Senator Supreme and will be available only on game days for the rest of the season, starting with tomorrow, as we take on the New York Islanders at SBP.

No word yet if it will be available at SBP during games or not. If it is, I will be trying one tomorrow.

Will you be trying the Senator Supreme?


Monday, February 14, 2011

Goodbye From Fisher

A copy of the letter in The Citizen from Mike

Mike Fisher was traded on Thursday, and many were upset about one of the franchise's all time most popular player's being dealt. I for one was not one of them, but I do understand that to many, he was a lot more than just a hockey player, was a role model, someone to aspire to be like, and someone who did more than his share of charity work.

Well being the classy guy that Mike is, he took out a full page ad in the Citizen and wrote a letter  in which he thanks the community of Ottawa and all the Sens fans out there for making his time here memorable.

I have to say that even though over the past few season I had grown quite frustrated with Mike, it's nice to see a pro athlete make such a gesture. It was nothing personal Mike, we both just needed a change. Best of luck in Nashville.

Thoughts on the letter?

I found it interesting that it was signed him and Carrie, who has been catching A LOT of flack from some here, undeservedly I might add.


Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Love Letter

I know things haven't exactly been the best lately around here. I've been a bit negative, but with good reason. You used to be something I loved from the moment I laid eyes on you in 1992. I admit perhaps you weren't the greatest at the time, but I didn't care, I was just happy to have someone back in my life again. Things started off a bit rough, but after a few years had passed things were looking up.

We made a few wise investments and before you knew it, we were looking a lot better. We even took a spring vacation for the first time in the late 90's. I was smitten.

Over the next 7 seasons, we looked so happy to outside observers that they always thought we'd be the next to tie the knot and go all the way. I was sure it would happen each year, but for some reason, it never happened. There was always an excuse, but I was always promised that it would be fixed  for next year. That promise was never kept and next year never came.

It was June 2007 and I thought this was it, it's going to happen. After all, I'd put in my time and been loyal for 15 years and I wanted them to make an honest man of me. It was time for happily ever after. I mean I had heard of some people waiting for 43 years and that wasn't going to be me. We got to the stadium and the music started to play. I was so close to my silverware I could taste it. This was it, it was really happening, it was meant to be.

But what do you know, a sexy blonde Californian got in the way andI was left at the altar. Isn't that the way it always happens. So Happy Valentine's day guys. Enjoy it and don't worry, our soulmate will be here in a few years, maybe even sooner if we're lucky. In the meantine, we'll have a lot of fun with Ms right now and enjoy some new, younger arm candy.

-- Love The Mayor



Sunday, February 13, 2011

The A & 500

Shoutout goes out to Jason Spezza, who yesterday had 2 major accomplishments go down in the 5-3 win over Edmonton. The first was that he played in his 500th career game versus the Oil yesterday afternoon, a game in which he celebrated the occasion by contributing 2 assists.

The other thing was that Mr Spezza has been named alternate captain for the rest of the year, along with Chris Kelly, which basically would mean to me that Jason will permanently have the A. By the way, while we're at it, when did it become alternate captain and not assistant captain like when I was growing up? Anyone have the answer?

Anyways, shoutout to Spezza for the career games milestone and the honor of getting the A. Hopefully there's more good things to come. Also should be noted that in the CBC interview yesterday during the 2nd intermission, Bryan Murray also added Jason to the untouchable list.



Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Butler Does It For The First Time

Bobby Butler posing with the puck he scored his 1st NHL goal with
Shoutout goes out to Sens rookie Bobby Butler, who scored his first NHL goal earlier this afternoon in a 5-3win against the Edmonton Oilers on Hockey Day. This was his first career goal in 12 career games.
Congratulations goes out to the kid on the major accomplisntment, let's hope there's many more coming.

Thoughts on Butler's 1st goal?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Losing Streak Is Over

Johnny Drama celebrates our first victory in 11 games

The Sens finally ended their 11 game losing streak this afternoon, holding on to beat the Oilers 5-3 in a fairly entertaining game considering these were the two worst teams in the league. Nothing like a horrible team to make you look good, as we skated well all afternoon and looked like we knew we had a chance, so we came to play.

In the wake of the news about the health of his father, I thought Chris Phillips had one of his best games of the year, so shutout to Big Rig. Peter Regin scored a nice goal (his 3rd of the year) off a beauty pass from Kovie, who was a threat all day, scoring 2 and adding a helper on that Regin tally. He is certainly helping his trade value by going on a scoring hot streak.

Bobby Butler scored his first NHL goal on a nice shot to open the scoring, while Jason Spezza had 2 assists in his 500th career game. It's nice to have Spezza back and he even got into a slap fest with Smid. Brian Elliott was fairly suspect again, but I've come to expect that. For now I'm just happy to get a W. It had been so long I almost forgot what it felt like to win.

With 2 goals and a beautiful assist, Alexei Kovalev wins the afternoon.

Post game thoughts?


Saturday, February 12, 2011

GDP #56: Sens @ Deadmonton - Battle For Last Place

The Sens are in Edmonton for an afternoon delight game with the Oilers with big stakes on the line. In case you haven't heard, the loser of this game will be last overall in the NHL, which may not be a big deal to the perennial cellar dwellers Oilers, but would be astonishing to the Sens, who were in the Stanley Cup finals four short years ago, and have been a very good team for over a decade. That's right, if we lose to the Oil, we will be dead last in the NHL. The post Fisher era begins with a doozy.

We will be looking to snap our 11 game losing streak and look forward to making it losing 17 of 19, instead of the 17 of 18 we're now at. This was always the winnable game on this roadie for us, so let's hope we come to play.

The hockey day in Canada game will bring a few changes for the Sens. All 4 of Alfie, Leclaire, Winchester and Carkner will all sit due to various injuries, so look for callups Jim O'Brien and Bobby Butler to take on a more significant role. At this point, we're just happy to have warm bodies to eat up ice time and bring us closer to a better draft pick while the disaster of a season plays itself out. Though the starting goalie has yet to be announced, I would imagine that Brian Elliott will start to follow Clouston's statement of rotating goalies until someone takes the job.

The expected lines for the game are:
  • Michalek-Spezza-Butler
  • Foligno-Regin-Kovalev
  • Smith-Kelly-Neil
  • Ruutu-O'Brien-Shannon

Prediction: Well if you believe we will ever win another game this season, this is the one to win. While we don't usually tend to play well when we go west, the Oilers are the only team in the league worse than us. If we have a hope of snapping the embarassing 11 game losing streak, Edmonton is our best chance. It's hard to tell how we will react with the departure of Fisher and the injury problems, but I have faith that the Sens will take this one. Sens win 4-2 and remember the game is at 2pm eastern time.

Pre-game thoughts?


Friday, February 11, 2011

From Worse To More Worse

As if things weren't bad enough in the Sens organization at the moment with us being losers in 11 straight, as well as 17 of 18, the Fisher trade backlash, the season ticket holders jumping ship left and right, and a "showdown" with Edmonton tomorrow for LAST overall in the NHL looming, but now comes word that the Sens jerseys aren't exactly very popular with fans either. The website icethetics, which is one of the leading authorities in hockey jersey news, conducted a poll on the Canadian team jerseys and the results weren't pretty.

Here's a quote that sums it up well:

"But the most noteworthy bit is that even though the Ottawa Senators have three sweaters to choose from, their most popular is 14th out of 18 in all of Canada. Perhaps a change is needed in the capital city, because Icethetics readers really do not like what they have to offer."

It seems pretty evident to almost everyone that the Sens organization needs a rebuild in the front office as well doesn't it? They can't seem to get much right over there and status quo isn't getting it done. Luckily next season will at least bring the "O" jersey many of us have been after for years.

To see the full report click here. I tend to agree with the majority of the piece and the rankings as a whole.

Thoughts on the poll/report?


Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Final Day Of Fisherwood

And this was the tweet that started it all, confirmed by the official Sens twitter that indeed Fisher had been dealt to Nashville and for what. It was a bit of a bittersweet moment for many Sens fans, but when I first heard the news I was ecstatic. This is a big first step to a rebuild, and a necessary move to change around the fortunes of a team that has lost 11 in a row and 17 of 18 just 4 years removed from a Stanley Cup finals appearance. By the way, with the Fisher trade, only 5 players remain from that team in Phillips, Neil, Kelly, Alfie and Spezza. And I think we all know it's likely to be down to 4 come feb 28th.

Immediately after the news of the trade broke, I hit up Fisher's agent for comment to confirm that the list of 10 teams he was supposed to give July 1st actually existed. This is what I got back. Interesting.

Once the trade broke pubicly it was big news, even being the #1 trending topic in Canada. It also set off tweet after tweet between people on both sides of the trade. Many were glad we finally are starting to rebuild, while others were really sad that ol' blue eyes was no longer a Sen after 10 and 1/2 years. I was in the first group.

Ottawa radio station 103.5 Kiss FM took the news a little hard, blaming Carrie Underwood for stealing Mike Fisher away from the Sens and bringing him to Nashville. As a result they went a little overboard and have now banned playing any of her music on the station. That seems rational.

This was the headline on the Nashville NBC affiliate. Not Mike Fisher traded to Nashville, or Preds acquire Mike Fisher, but Carrie Underwood's husband traded to Predators. And I think that pretty much sums it up doesn't it? In Ottawa he was an A-list celebrity, but to everyone else, especially in Nashville, he is Mr Underwood.

Predators player Steve Sullivan took to twitter to welcome Fisher to Nashville. Good to see even the players know and publicly acknowledge that this was more than just a hockey deal. He might as well have welcomed Carrie to the family as well. Everyone knows the Preds did this to raise their profile and earnings for the team in part at least.

And finally, a poll from Sens Extra, wondering if fans thought we got enough for Fisher or not. I would have thought this would have been an overwhelming majority of yes, but the yes vote only won 52%-48%. I have to admit I was pretty shocked. Are people dillusional or just not understand how money/trades work? We just got rid of 4.2 million in salary from a player who is consistently inconsistent and has 24 points this year. I would have been happy just to free up the cap room, but now also add in a 1st rounder pick and either a 2nd or 3rd to help rebuild too, that's a great start for our rebuild. I think people in Ottawa vastly overvalue Fisher if they think we should have gotten more than that. He has injury problems, has peaked as a player, and never really lived up to the considerable attention he got in Ottawa. So shoutout to Bryan Murray for getting should a nice return.

Thoughts on the interwebs reaction to the deal?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fisher Reaction Video

Here is the video of Mike Fisher reacting to the news that he had been traded to Nashville this morning. Although I haven't been a big Fisher fan the past few years, it is nice to see him choked up and emotional about leaving the Sens. We sometimes forget that they are people and it is tough to changes teams/cities. Just because you get paid millions doesn't mean it's easy.

Thoughts on the video?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Mike Fisher Traded To Nashville

Popular forward Mike Fisher has been traded to the Nashville Predators just moments ago. In return the Senators will recieve a 2011 1st round pick and a 2012 conditional draft pick. We haven't found out what the conditions are yet on the 2012 pick but I will update whenever I find out.

I have to say I am very impressed that Murray was able to get a 1st for Fisher, considering I would have been happy just clearing his salary off our books and freeing up the cap space. So credit where credit it due, a job well done.

This will leave a hole in our popularity department, as other than Alfie, I would venture to say that Fisher was the most popular Sen. It's also means no more Fisherwood around SBP or Ottawa, something I am more than fine with.

His inconsistent play, along with big salary made him expendable on a rebuilding team, and although most of you know I'm hardly a fan of his, I do wish him all the best in Nashville.

I may even miss him a little, but just a little. I'll always remember him for the OT playoff winner against the Leafs in game 6. Best of luck in Nashville Mike and thanks for the 1st rounder.

Thoughts on the Fisher trade?

UPDATE @ 1:10pm - The conditional draft pick will work like this: If Nashville wins one round in '11 playoffs it is 3rd in '12, If Nashville gets through 2 rounds it is 2nd in '12 courtesy of his agent at Uptown Hockey.


Thursday, February 10, 2011


Notice all the Sens fans at the game in the background

The Sens never really got it going tonight, taking stupid penalties and never showing any passion, which resulted in a 5-2 loss to Calgary. The L makes it an amazing 11 in a row and things just keep looking worse and worse in Sens Town. The only hope is an afternoon affair on Saturday with the Oilers, but even that is hardly any guarantee of a W.

The team as a whole was pretty lifeless throughout the game and just looked like they were going through the motions. They look beaten down and like they just want out of there, and I'm sure the impending trade deadline has many of them wondering if they'll be in a Sens uni in 2 weeks or so.

We played soft and were beaten plain and simple. The truth is we're a very, very bad team and these games are the result. Oh well, one step closer to a top pick I suppose.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Ruutu was inserted back into the lineup and promptly took 2 stupid penalties.
  • Lehner played ok, but not great, though the kid did stop 30 of 35.
  • Chris Kelly had a nice game in a nice season for him. He's been our best player this year.
  • We went 0-3 on the PP.
  • Quite a few Sens fans at the game.

With one goal Chris Kelly wins the night.

Thoughts on the game?

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

GDP #55: Sens @ Calgary

The Senators are in Calgary tonight, taking on the Flames, trying to build on their fairly solid perofrmance on Monday against Vancouver. Just a reminder that the game has a 9:30pm start time for all of those who have been asking.

Today as a whole was fairly eventful, with Alfie being out for 2+ weeks, Bobby Butler and Jim O'Brien coming up and trade rumors swirling around a few guys, mainly Jarkko Ruutu, but also Mike Fisher and Chris Phillips.

In other news, Brian Lee will sit tonight as a healthy scratch, which I don't agree with at all, in favor of Matt Carkner. I suppose the rationale is to showcase Filip Kuba in hopes of someone tricking a team into taking him off our hands. If it happened, I'd be giddy and pop a bottle of champagne.

In good news, Robin Lehner will start in net tonight, sparing Elliott a chance at his 14th straight loss. I have to say that Lehner in net is a reason to watch the game in my eyes. I'm very interested in seeing his progress, as are many of you.

Prediction: The Sens have lost 10 in a row and it can't go on forever, but the more likely win is Saturday in Edmonton. It all depends on our defence and the play of Lehner. I say we pull one out and win 3-2.


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Out A Fortnight

Retro Alfie

It was revealed today that captain Daniel Alfredsson will be sitting out tonight's game and will miss around 2 weeks of action with a chronic back injury. This is bad news for several reasons: A) we usually play horribly without him in the lineup B) this type of injury never tends to heal 100% and can bother you for years, which isn't good when he has already noticeably been a shell of his former self. C) Bobby Butler and Jim O'brien have been called up to replace him and they are not NHL ready at all yet.

Let's hope Alfie makes one of his patented quick comebacks, although at this point in the season and with nothing really to play for, his health is more important than anything. Plus him returning would only hinder our chances at a top draft pick.

Thoughts on Alfie being hurt?