Friday, January 20, 2012

Alfie ASG Jersey First Look

The other day I let you know first when and where you could get your Alfie All Star Game jerseys before everyone else. Today I give you the first glance at what they look like. Thankfully reader Chris Kardaras was very eager to get one and sent in these photos of the new jersey.

I was on the fence about them before, but after seeing a finished product with Alfredsson and 11 on the back, my opinion has greatly improved. This is the replica version and if you are a season ticket holder, make sure to get it before Tuesday because during the All Star week the 20% discount won't apply. They are also now available at Sports Experts locations as well. Detailed pics after the jump.

Here is the front of the 2012 Alfie All Star jersey with the C of course. It also features the #11 on the side, as well as a small one on the chest, plus the Sens logo and All Star Game logo on the shoulder patches.

The up close captain's C for the Team Alfredsson jersey

The left side of the jersey with the #11, the Senators patch, the stars and the Reebok logo.

The up close view of the small #11 on the chest and the NHL shield.

And the right side of the jersey with the #11 again and the very nice and classic 2012 All Star Game logo.

And finally the back view with the nameplate, numbers and all the other little details that make up the jersey.

So there's your first view of the final product. I have to say, seeing it all together sure looks a lot better than I anticipated and it is definitely a nice piece if Sens history to have for your basement or Sens collection if you have the room and the extra cash to drop on it. Plus you know a lot of people will want to wear it for the All Star weekend too. So if you have an extra $249.99+tax laying around, might be a good way to get rid of it.

So will you buying it or passing on it?

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