Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All Star Weekend Photo Bounty Contest

Well the All Star weekend is finally upon us and everyone from the hockey world will be in our fine city for a few days. There's tons of activities and everyone from the players, to the media, to GM's and former players will be all over Ottawa. So the contest is very simple. It's a bounty on all people in the hockey world Sens Town style.

Whoever gets the best/funniest picture of someone hockey related this weekend wins. It can be you and someone really big like Wayne Gretzky, it can be a reporter or media member drinking at the bar or eating food late night at 4am somewhere and you happen to sneak a shot, or you convincing a current All Star to do something funny with you/for you to win. And extra point if you catch someone doing something they shouldn't or being somewhere they shouldn't. There are no rules. The name of the game is fun and to make me laugh.

Winner will get a brand new heritage jersey and a pair of tickets to an upcoming Sens game, so it's a pretty good prize if you ask me. Send in your pictures to with the subject line ASG Bounty. Happy hunting. Contest closes Monday night at midnight.

Good luck everyone. Make me proud and spread the word. Follow me on twitter for all your All Star weekend coverage @SensTown

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