Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Gratchev Show: Entry #4

Here's a picture from my holiday vacation at home: skating in the father/son game of the Boston Stars Elite team.

Coming back from a little bit of a holiday vacation is tough sometimes because you get caught up in being home and with family and all of a sudden your back and having to play, but that wasn't the case at all with our team. Da Costa's father had come over for the holidays, so he stayed with us all week. He didn't speak much English but it's nice to see players have family here in Binghamton with them, even if it's for a week. Coming back in the first game on Monday night the team won 8-3 vs Albany. I think we need more holiday vacations like that haha. 

On Tuesday I had a skate with assistant coach Stirling to get my ankle and body back into shape and get ready to play Saturday night. The team traveled to Adirondack after my skate, where they got their second win in a row, beating the Phantoms 5-2. 

It was sort of a slow week with everybody just jumping back into the swing of things. Thursday was another skate for me and the injured players and after the skate I finally went on for a full practice with the team to test out how my ankle felt with contact and everything went well. 

Friday we traveled to Syracuse and ended with another overtime win in a very physical game. After the game we traveled back to Binghamton and Saturday was my first game back. I started to feel pretty good and that night I had centered Cory Cowick and Frank Lessard. There was a line brawl that I wasn't on the ice for but was fun to watch.

We ended up losing the game and it was a tough loss but we moved on and just tried to enjoy New Years Eve. We had a team dinner with all staff and coaches upstairs at the rink after the game and then parted ways for the night. I had a great New Years and spent Sunday just relaxing and getting ready for another week.

I hope everyone had a great New Years and has a great week and I'll check in once again next monday.


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Jayden said...

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