Monday, January 09, 2012

The Gratchev Show: Entry #5

dinner by Da Costa
It was a pretty good week of hockey. The team did very well in all the games and won 2 of the 3. On Tuesday it was a typical practice day. We were done with on ice and off ice by 12:30 and had the rest of the day to ourselves. I didn't do too much except hang at the house and cook. 

Wednesday we had an optional skate and traveled to play in Adirondack. The guys won the game 4-3 with a late goal by Tim Conboy which made the 3 hour ride back pretty fun. Thursday was another practice day and we began to get ready for the weekend where we had back to back home games vs the Whale and the Americans.

Friday was a great game and the team came out on top 3-1. Saturday was a great effort also but ended up in a 3-2 loss. After the game we went over to restaurant #5 with Frank Lessard, Pat Cannone, Josh Godfrey, and Mike Ratchuk.  Had a nice dinner and had a relaxing day on Sunday. 

Tonight (Monday) Stephane Da Costa made us dinner and dessert and we just watched a movie.

I will be checking in again next Monday.


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