Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Gratchev Show: Entry #6

Pretty long week here for me.  We had practice in Binghamton Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I was told to report to the Elmira Jackals. I packed up my stuff all day Thursday and made the drive down to Elmira. I moved right into a house with Louis Caporusso, Timo Peilmeirt, and Artem Demkov  It was nice to see some of the guys here and got right into the swing of things with games on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 
It was a great atmosphere to come to as the team had won 9 games in a row. Friday we lost in overtime to the Reading Royals and Saturday night was a loss to South Carolina. Sunday was a 4pm game and we beat Trenton 3-1. Right now there's two days off so I'm just enjoying getting to know some new guys on the team and catching up with the players I knew. 

Personally I want to be playing at the highest level possible and that's what I strive for so it wasn't too pleasant hearing that but you work hard and eventually things will work themselves out.  

I'll check in next week and let everybody know how the week went.

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