Monday, January 16, 2012

Blood Bath

The man in trouble in this video is Sens prospect Ben Blood from the Univeristy Of North Dakota. It seems he didn't care for the way the game ended and took out his frustrations on the Universoty of Minnesota's player while shaking hands. Not the best move but with a name like Ben Blood what can you expect right? To read the full story click here.

I personally think it was unsportsmanlike, but that's about it. It wasn't THAT bad. He was frustrated and angry and did a minor stupid thing. He will pay for it but no need to rake him over the coals for it.


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Anothersensfan said...

Remember the name Jake Hansen #21 (Blue Jacket 68th pick 2007).

He's the POS that waits till after the final horn blows, then comes off the bench and takes Blood down with a two handed slash to the back of the knee.

See for yourself.