Friday, January 13, 2012


Here's a screengrab from the broadcast of the game last night against New York, in which the Sportsnet panel said over and over again that Ottawa had 4 players participating in the All Star weekend and proceeded to show this graphic. Maybe someone should have told them that Milan Michalek was voted in as a starter as well and that makes it FIVE. Pretty pathetic error to make. Step it up.

Was I the only one who noticed this?


Anonymous said...

Nope. I actually rewound to verify; I think I listened to the broadcast about four times to figure out that, yes, they really did forget to put Michalek on that list. I think he scored the next period.

Sens4Life said...

I noticed the exact same thing, Sportsnet fails! Unimpressive and continues to prove why I prefer Sportscenter(even though they also have some errors, but nobody's perfect).

Only time i tune into Sportsnet is to watch Sens games!

cntrydad said...

I was wondering if the NHL had dropped Michalek from the all star team, but after a while I just decided the commentators had messed up.