Monday, January 23, 2012

Was Don Brennan The Most Wrong Anyone's Ever Been Wrong About Anything, Ever?

Three and a half years ago, resident Ottawa Sun scribe penned this lazy, ridiculous gem. As per usual, it appears he was bang on with his assessment. Not only did Karlsson somehow manage to make the NHL, he is leading all defenceman in scoring and was the NHL's leading vote getter for the All Star Game. Just thought I'd pass this along to those who may not have seen it. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.



Anonymous said...

Don Brennan is an idiot. He and Garrioch are the reasons I'm glad I don't live in Ottawa anymore. If I had to read their shit in the paper every morning, I'd probably have to either go postal on them, or cheer for another team.

By living in the GTA, I'm only exposed to them online... something I can handle. As it stands, I only have to deal with the Toronto idiots.

- BigSlice

boobs said...

...and that damned insufferable Brian Samuel!!

Man, if I ever interviewed and mentioned in an article about the Sens, I hope I don't say anything that looks so bad years later...

Chuck Fartz said...

haha this made my day. Don Brennan is a total douchenozzle. If you've ever met him in person, you'd even consider "douchenozzle" to be an understatement.

This just goes to show how great the scouting team is to take a "chance" on players like Karlsson despite their relative anonymity.