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2012 Trade Deadline Day Coverage & What To Expect

The trade deadline is finally upon us and while the Sens aren't expected to be major players in the possible madness, you never know what will happen. Maybe BM the GM has a trick or two up his sleeve, or maybe he made his move already by acquiring Ben Bishop, no one knows and that's what makes it fun.

I will be breaking down any Sens deal as it happens here and will be commenting and passing along rumors and anything else I hear on Twitter all deadline long, so be sure to follow me if you want all the latest information throughout the day @SensTown. My coverage will start at 9am so join in on the fun and the possible madness. There may even be a photo diary coming out of it. What to expect on deadline day after the jump.........

The Senators aren't expected to be major players at the deadline, especially with the prices being insane at the moment for talent, but there's always a surprise or three come deadline day, so maybe this will be the year we pull something significant off. Here's somewhat of an idea what you can expect from a Sens standpoint.

Players who may be moved:

Bobby Butler: The Sens would like to move him and his one way contract off their books if possible. He's been better lately but that's because he's been getting major minutes mostly on the top line in an effort to showcase him and hope someone takes the bait. Don't expect a major return on Butler at all but with Zibanejad and Silfverberg coming next year there's a log jam at forward and not enough minutes to go around, and Butler isn't good enough to play in a top 6 spot. Look for Butler to bring in a 4th rounder or minor prospect in return or to be included as a piece in a larger deal to a team desperate for scoring.

Filip Kuba: He's a UFA at the end of the season and has been the target of many Sens fans hate since he was re-signed at the deadline several seasons ago and with good reason. The 6'5 defenceman is soft and can go games without appearing to try or be interested at all, but as of late has been play significantly better and logging a lot of ice time. Murray has said he doesn't plan on trading Kuba out of respect for the playoff push which I can understand, but part of me hopes we move him still so we aren't suckered in to re upping him somehow. If he is moved expect a 2nd rounder in return.

Sergei Gonchar: Just like Kuba he struggled badly last year and has picked it up as of late, but has a much better pedigree and past. The potential future hall of famer may be attractive to a team with legit Stanley Cup aspirations that feel they need a puck moving dman or someone to run their PP come playoff time. He still has a year left at 5.5 million, so that may scare many away, but there's a chance that Murray fields some calls on the vet and he gets moved. It would be a salary dump for the most part and make room for someone like Borowiecki or a big time UFA defenceman come July 1st. If he was dealt expect a 2nd and a 4th or 5th/prospect or something along those lines. But if a team is desperate who knows, maybe BM the GM can squeeze out a 1st.

Nick Foligno: Yes Nicky Boy had a great start to the year, but that was months ago and it hasn't been the same in awhile. He's a pending RFA at season's end and to me doesn't really have a role on the team. He clearly isn't a good enough scorer to be a top 6 guy, but isn't fast enough or physical enough to be a shutdown guy either. I haven't heard much about him being dealt but if I'm BM I look at moving him if I can.

Matt Carkner: The Ottawa area native was a feel good story a few seasons ago when he made the team in his late 20's and was rewarded with a new contract. Well it isn't 2 years ago anymore and Carkner has spent a large portion of the year being a healthy scratch. We may hold on to him for defensive depth, but he may be a nice addition to a team looking for a capable defensive defenceman who is tough as nails and can drop the gloves as well. His 700k salary makes him affordable for anyone. Expect a return of a 5th or 6th rounder.

Zenon Konopka: He was brought in for toughness and to win faceoffs but has been watching from the press box for awhile now and I don't see him getting back into the lineup any time soon barring an injury. He's a UFA at the end of the season and may be valuable to a team that needs faceoff help. Expect a 5th or 6th rounder in return. I have no problem including his signing sister in any deal as well for free.

Patrick Wiercioch: At one time he was almost as highly rated as Erik Karlsson by the Sens brass, but has regressed considerably the past few seasons and this year suffered a horrible accident when a puck hit his throat. He has recovered and is playing again thankfully, but his time may have come. I don't think the Sens are looking to deal him just to deal him, but he could be packaged with something else to bring back something more significant. I wouldn't be surprised if he was dealt at all.

What the Senators are after at the deadline:

-Their most glaring need is a top 6 forward. As it stands right now their 2 top lines are Michalek-Spezza-Butler and Greening-Turris-Alfie. That's 4 legit NHL top 6 guys and 2 guys who shouldn't be there. I think you can figure out who's who. So the Sens are looking at picking up some help upfront because they can't rely on Spezza, Michalek and Alfie scoring 5 goals every game. If the price isn't ridiculous look for Murray to make a move.

-While they made a move to solidify their goaltending situation already, I could also see the Sens looking to add a 4th or 5th defenceman to help alleviate some of the pressure on the goalies. The past few games have made it very evident that we have trouble getting out of our own zone and the addition of a decent defenceman would sure help. Nothing major, just someone who can play and help us out on the playoff push.

So now you have my take, what do you think the Sens should do tomorrow?

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