Friday, February 24, 2012

Craig Anderson Is Hurt. Or Really Hurt, Depending What Story You Believe

Last night Sens Army could barely breathe when word got out that netminder Craig Anderson had accidentally cut his hand while cutting chicken. At first I thought it was kinda funny. I mean who does that right? Then I thought about how long he would be out and the prospect of riding out the season with Alex Auld and I freaked out a bit.

The initial reports were that he was gone 3-5 games, which isn't great but we could deal. Next came the he's out 4-6 weeks reports and everyone panicked like they were trying to get the Jordan 11 concord's late last year. So what's the truth? We don't know. But BM the GM came out and said he should be able to practice at some point late next week and that is an AMAZING sign. But in reality who knows how long it will take. We need him more than ever.