Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hit Of The Year?

Watch as Chris Neil knock Boychuk into next week. The hit was way worse watching it live. He killed him. It was the biggest hit I've ever witnessed in person by far. And the best part was it was 100% clean, which makes it lame that Chara went after him later for it. Even the Big Z himself say in the post game that it was a clean hit. Post game comments from Chara and Neil after the jump, but for you, was this the hit of the year so far?

I really enjoy Neil's explanation of why he fought him and found Chara's comments to be lame. He admits it was a clean hit but because Boychuk is hurt he wants to fight? Nice logic Z. Maybe tell Johnny to keep his head up then. This is hockey, not touch football. You of all people should know.

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