Monday, February 27, 2012

Sens Trade Brian Lee For Matt Gilroy

The Ottawa Senators have finally parted ways with underachieving defenceman Brian Lee, as they have traded him to the Tampa bay Lightning in exchange for defenceman Matt Gilroy, who needs to use better decision making skills than he did when being talked into the embarrassing picture above.

Gilroy, who won the Hobey Baker Award as the NCAA's top player in 2009, also won the National Championship that year as well. The Senators were in on trying to sign him back them but lost out to the New York Rangers. He is a UFA at the end of the season and is making an even one million dollars this season.

Thoughts on the trade?

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Nahdeebynature said...

New to reading your blog but I've came back every day since finding it.

I like the trade. As much as I critique BM the GM for putting his own career first - he can at least cut ties on his own draft picks gone bad. That other Ontario team's GM would never do that and has routinely over valued his picks (LUKE SCHENN). He was the worst D man selected in the 1st round of the '08 draft (see our Karlsson, Carlson, Del Zotto, Sbisa, Gardiner and Myers all AFTER him) but Burke thinks he's a stud. Being physical doesn't make up for bonehead plays in your own end and virtually no offensive upside.

The fact that we got a guy we already wanted for this pick lessens the blow. Comes at a relatively small price tag and since I'm a fan of the skill level in the NCAA these days, glad we have another one of them. Go sens go.