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Photo Diary: The Razor's Revenge

Friday night was the return of one of the most memorable character's in modern history, if not THE most memorable, since the organization decided to part ways with the brash netminder nearly 4 years ago via a buyout. Despite all his faults, Emery remains a very popular figure with Sens Army. Here is the photo diary of his return to Ottawa starting with the duckets that got me in the door.

Not to be forgotten is another former Senator Marian Hossa who also plays for the Hawks. It's weird that although by far a better player than Emery or Fisher, Hossa seems to be completely immune from any sort of caring from the Sens fan base. They don't hate him and they don't miss him, they just have a general malaise for the Slovak. Kind of a weird scenario for such an important former player.

And here is the man some of us came to see, Ray Emery. It was weird seeing him in a #30 jersey and not his familiar #1 while with the Sens. The Hawks let Emery skate out on the ice for warmup solo for a good 15 seconds so the fans could give him a little welcome back. Nice touch by the guys from the windy city.

And more of the Razor in warmups, this time in action as the fans watched on. He looked focused from the second he stepped out onto the ice to me. He was very intense and I'm sure wanted to have a good showing back in front of friends and the former fans.

It was also the home debut for newly acquired defenceman Matt Gilroy. This was our first look at him in our home red jerseys with the #97 he always wears as a tribute to his brother.

Let's be honest here, the Chicago Blackhawks have the nicest jerseys in the NHL by far. They're a classic and very sharp looking, so I found it hard to complain when there were a few hundred Hawk fans kicking around SBP in their colors. I even spotted this beauty Steve Larmer jersey, even though it's a remake I'll still give it a pass. All you guys 30+ will appreciate the vintage Larmer. He was awesome in NHL 94 with Roenick.

And it's anthem time with 2 classics from the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals run in Ray Emery and Lyndon Slewidge. I kept thinking it must be really weird for Emery to be in an arena he's played in so many times but having a completely different view than he's ever had before. I watched Emery the whole anthem and he was super intense and he couldn't stop moving. He literally moved around for both entire anthems. He looked like he just wanted the game to start already.

And Ray Emery 2.0 during the anthems aka Robin Lehner. Doesn't he remind anyone else of Razor? He's big, athletic, tough, has an attitude and needs to mature a lot, but has a ton of potential. Seems like a good comparison to me. Let's hope things work out better for the Swede.

Nothing funny or smart to say here. I just thought this shot I took looked awesome with the flag in it, while the players were standing for the anthem. Self pat on the back.

This was the aftermath of a Jared Cowen penalty. It was a bit of a dust up on a call that was quite questionable. It was the start of a pattern of questionable officiating throughout the evening.

And this is what the Senators did to welcome Ray Emery back, which would have been fine since that's what they've typically done for other returning players, although some like Fisher have also received video tributes as well, except for the fact that the Senators failed to announce anything on the PA. So if you weren't watching the scoreboard for the 10 seconds it was up you would have missed it, like Emery himself did as he was looking down on the ice while they put it up. Very poor move by the Senators organization and very sneaky. Either honor him properly or don't bother. You robbed a lot of your fans of the chance to cheer him and welcome him back. Shame on you.

And a few minutes later it was Emery scooping the puck out of the back of the net as Michalek beat him with a nice shot off the post to make it 1-0 Sens.

What a weird mix of stats to end the first period. The Sens were outshot 17 to 9 but lead 1-0, yet won 81% of the faceoffs. Very random.

And Ray Emery was back in the very familiar home end goal to start the 2nd where he spent many a night as a member of the Ottawa Senators. It must have been weird seeing that view he's seen a million times but from the view of an opponent.

And here's Patrick Sharp on a penalty shot that he was awarded on a very questionable call off a Gonchar hook. He did touch him but it wasn't penalty shot worthy at all. No matter, as Lehnsanity made the nice glove save to keep it 1-0 Sens in the 2nd.

And the Senators decided to let everyone know that Ron Wilson had been fired by the Maple Leafs for some reason. People began to cheer which I didn't understand. If you hate the Leafs and they are doing poorly with Wilson as head coach, why would you be happy he was fired in favor of someone new who could come in and change things around? Just seemed stupid to me. Also Sens fans/Sens organization can no longer complain about too much leafs coverage when they do things like this.

And the faceoff to start the third. The Sens were down 2-1 at this point and looking to bounce back. Look at the collection of talent for the Hawks in the pic. There's Marian Hossa, Patrick Kane, Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keither (out of view). That's an expensive lineup right there.

And the Blackhawks finally got a penalty for the first time in the 3rd after multiple questinable calls and non calls going against the Sens. Is it me or has the reffing gone downhill a lot this season in general?

And once again we fail to sell out a big game, this time on a Friday night with an original 6 team that only plays here every 2 years, packed full of star players and on the return of Emery and we can't sell it out? Sad, very sad Ottawa.

And here's the Sens and Robin Lehner at a break in the action, which is normal until I noticed a weird habit the young Swede has. When there's a commercial he goes over to the bench to get water and talk, but he takes off his goalie mask and leaves it in the middle of the ice 10 feet away from him. At first I thought it was a one time thing, so I kept watching and he did it every time. It must be a superstition but look for it the next time you're at a game live.

And with the clock running down, the Sens pulled Lehner for the extra attacker in order to try and tie the game.

They made a decent attempt and if the game had of been another 5mins longer the Senators likely would have tied it up, but they didn't come that close with the extra man and the empty net.

And the final scoreboard as the Blackhawks beat the Senators 2-1 in a really weird game. The score was extremely flattering, as Chicago could have easily won 5 or 6-0 and could have outshot the Sens 50-15, but at the same time with a late rally, the final score and the final shot tally look fairly close and the Sens had their chances to win it.

Ray Emery and his Chicago teammates celebrate the victory that had to have felt pretty good if you're Ray. He played well,  made the saves when he had to and go out of dodge with a big 2 points against the team that gave up on him 4 years ago. That's the ultimate revenge isn't it?

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