Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Your 2011-12 Playoff Tickets First Look

With the regular season coming to a close in the next couple of weeks and the Senators in a surprising playoff position, the Sens organization has issued it's season ticket holders their 2011-12 playoff packages. Here is your first look at this year's tickets and packaging. More pics after the jump

Here's the folder that the playoff tickets come in featuring Sens captain Daniel Alfredsson in the extremely popular heritage jersey. It's quite small and slim and features a pocket on each side of it once opened. One side for parking passes and one side for the tickets of the 16 home games the Sens could possibly have for the 2011-12 playoffs.

And here are the tickets, which for some reason are the generic capital ticket version. It was quite shocking to me as in every other year the tickets have been fancier big tickets with graphics and logo's and colors involved. This year it's just plain tickets like you'd get at the box office. Very disappointing when you're a season seat holder. The only thing I can possibly think is that it's a mistake or oversight for some reason. Otherwise they really dropped the ball on this. If anyone else has their tickets already let me know if you got these or a different kind.

And here is what the game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final ticket would look like should the Senators make it that far and be lucky enough to host the game as well. Imagine a SCF game 7 at SBP? The place would be rockin'.

Thoughts on the tickets and packaging?


TR said...

Agree entirely. I commit my money for potentially 16 games worth of tickets and I get the same pieces of $#!7 tickets that are being sold 10 minutes before the game starts?? So disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Really, who cares what the tickets look like. You're lucky enough to be able to afford to go see the games, what does it matter what the tickets look like. Do you realize how pretentious you sound? Suck it up buttercup and be happy there's playoff hockey at all this year.

TR said...

I don't know what luck has to do with being able to afford tickets. You work, you get paid, you spend your money on what you choose. Not sure where luck plays in there, unless your primary source of income is obtained through gambling.

But in response to your post:

1. there is no guarantee we will have playoff hockey, so I will be happy when we are officially locked in; and
2. Of course the tickets are inconsequential in relation to going to the games and supporting the team. But the blog didn't ask how important tickets were in relation to our overall playoff experience. The blog directly addressed the look of the playoff tickets. I don't see the connection between enjoying the playoffs and discussing the look of tickets? Maybe I am missing something.